Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cousins come for a visit!

Isaiah, Myself, Corbin, Jackson, and Devin... Slumber Party!

Princess Ellie and I

Jeff and Brooke's family and I

It was such a pleasant surprise to have my Uncle Jeff (Steve's brother) and his family to come for a visit. I was just minding my business making breakfast when I saw Jeff and his cute kids walking up the driveway. Jeff's wife Brooke makes these necklaces and they brought me one. Its a pretty legit necklace if I must say. It was so much fun to hang out with the cousins! My family got lucky enough to have Isaiah and Jackson sleep over, which is guaranteed to be a party! Ellie wanted to stay so bad but boys this time, and next time little Ellie gets to sleepover. It was a great visit! I love my family they are so great to come all the way to Provo and spend their morning and afternoon with me. Thank you Jeff and Brooke and kids for coming down it made my day! Love you all!

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perdue family said...

Hey sexy mama! Can I just start by saying I freaking love you and I still suck at softball. Hummm... anyway. We cant stop talking about how gorgeous you are, even without hair. Sheesh. I just want to let you know we are supporting you over at Intermountain. Jess and I got purple shirts we wear on fridays and some sweet ribbon we attached to our badges. And we check your blog on our lunch breaks. Love you sister. Keep fighting. :)