Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Mechams!

Doug Mecham and his wife Nancy, along with their two kids DeeJ and Keslee have showed me so much kindness over this whole cancer thing! The Mechams happen to live across the street from the Marriot Center, where the BYU men and women basketball teams play. They also own some empty lots where the have been charging people to park in their empty lot. What do they do with the money?? They have been donating the money to my family and I to help pay for my cancer treatments. They are truly amazing people! They stand out in the cold, hold up signs, and direct cars where to park. Nancy also has been making necklaces with the purple ribbon on them and selling them. Thank you Doug, Nancy, DeeJ, and Keslee! You guys are such great examples and are amazing! I love you guys!

DeeJ and I holding up signs
The Mecham Family
DeeJ holding up his sign

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Jen said...

My sister (Amy Openshaw) told me about that. What an awesome thing for them to do. I love it!