Thursday, October 27, 2011

Its That Time of the Month...

Its that time of the month again my friends! Guess what time?? Doctors time! I actually have been to the doctors quite a bit lately but mostly just a lot of talking and drawing blood. Tomorrow is a long day though full of ultrasounds and PET and CT scans. About 3 weeks ago I had a hard time eating and it became more relevant. It became virtually impossible to keep any kind of food inside of me. I thought I had the stomach flu but after about a week of this food rejection pattern and the sharp pains in my upper right abdomen I thought I should see the doctor. I went first to my BYU doctors. I try to avoid going up to Huntsman as much as possible haha. It was decided I have a gallbladder issue. After my first HIDA scan came back normal but the problem persisted I figured I better get the cancer docs in on this. So Michelle and I spent an entire afternoon until 7 at night up there going between the Huntsman and U of U. I was getting shots, blood drawn, and lots of poking at my gallbladder. It made for a long day. At one point while waiting to get more blood drawn we both fell asleep in the waiting room. So tomorrow I will be going in for scans and hopefully we can get some answers. Ideally I'm hoping they just take my gallbladder out and resolve the problem. In my little mind that seems to be the best solution. But if theres no need to cut me open then thats the best I guess. So more tests it is! I'll make sure to keep you all updated on that!
(Last Season Against Duke)
So the past little bit some fun events have taken place! Basketball season is just around the corner and with that means lots of promotional things as a team! Yay!! So far we have been introduced during Women's Volleyball, Women's Soccer, Football, and the Men's Cougar Tip Off games. Its been a lot of fun going to these games as a team. Our first exhibition games are November 3 and 4 here in Provo. After those our first REAL game is against none other than Duke! November 11, 2011 at 7:00 we will be playing Duke. A little background, we played Duke last year and could have beat them. This year, we aren't going to fall short! Yes they will be ranked in the top 10 in the nation but we don't want to lose to them this year. This year we have a great season and a really good team! We lost some key players but I think we are going to be just as good if not better than laast year. I'm really excited! So if you find yourself bored on a Friday night in Provo, come watch my team and I take on Duke!
Does anyone remember my friend Hannah?? Well, she came to Provo for a visit! It was so much fun to have her back even it was only for 3 days. I've really missed spending time with her so I was happy I got to see her and hang out with her over the weekend. We were thinking of things we wanted to do and for some reason they all revolved around food! I do love food and I miss eating 6 meals a day (I've cut back to two after practice so I'm not sure while playing). We went to the BYU football game, she came to my Blue and White game, we watched the movie Limitless (a must see), hung out with the old crew, went to Heber, and ate some good food! It was such a fun weekend and I'm looking forward to her coming again to visit this December.
Growing up as a young child I never played dress ups. I was too busy with my cousin Mitchell playing N64 or ninja turtles. Or with Diane swimming in the creek and making our other little friends cry. So for whatever reason Hannah and Steph thought we would play dress ups. When I say we, I mean they would dress me up and watch. My hair is getting pretty long so I have quite the good looking comb over! They dressed me like a nerd and we took some pictures. It was fun! I never knew dress ups could be such a fun activity.
On some side notes... It was Steve's birthday! So, I got him a honey badger shirt! Last Spring Steph showed me a youtube about Honey Badgers. Since then I have been obsessed. So has Steve! We love the honey badgers. My Dad's nick name for me was Sparky last year, now he calls me the little honey badger. Inside joke but he loves his shirt and wears it ALL the time. Devin got his eagle scout. I feel like he is too young but i guess he isn't! Daryl and I have onesie parties! The furnace in my room broke and Steve has been busy winning games and I've been busy doing my thing and so it still goes unfixed. My room last night was 50 degrees which is a little cold for my liking. There's only one way to sleep when its cold, in onesies! Anyways, I love my onesies! They're the most amazing things ever. They keep me warm not to mention totally stylish. They have new ones with hoods and pockets so I'm ordering myself some new ones so I can switch off nights. I would advise EVERYONE to get a pair.
On a more serious note. I got the saddest facebook message the other day. When we lived in Salt Lake one of Corbin's best friends was Taylor Cox. They played basketball, baseball, and soccer together so we got to know their family very well. We had fun times sledding at their cabin up at Brighton and spent numerous nights at the baseball park with them. The Cox family was one of our closest friends. The other day Mary (Taylor's Mom) facebooked me and told me her 18 month old granddaughter Tenley was diagnosed with leukemia. I froze and couldn't help but cry. I remember while doing chemo they would sometimes bring the little kids from Primary's Children Hospital to do chemo. It was one of the saddest things doing chemo with a seven year old or a twelve year old. Anyways. Tenley is only 18 months and is fighting the same battle I am. A little different, but its really all the same. A battle for our lives. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Cancer sucks. There isn't really any other way to put it.
Anyways, life has been busy lately! Lots of doctors appointments, lots of sick days, lots of basketball, and of course school! I will keep you all updated on what's going on with my appointments and scans. Lets keep our fingers crossed. I'm sure I'll be fine I always am! Thanks for your prayers and support! Pray for Tenley too. She needs it more than I do right now. I'll make sure to blog the second I find out whats going on with my dysfunctional gallbladder. Love you all! Have a fun and safe Halloween!


Ps... I think I have the cutest cat EVER! Not to mention the best and most sweet cat :) Love my Princess Porsche! I bought her a costume! She is going to be the cutest pumpkin ever this Halloween!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Time!!

Well its now October! Basketball and school are in full swing and Halloween is just around the corner. To start off the month my family and I adventured down to Manti, Utah. Manti is this small town where Michelle's family came from. My great grandma and grandma Martha and Glenn Kenner lived in Manti back in the day. Manti wasn't only where they used to live but it also where my Martha and Glenn Kenner (Great Grandma and Grandpa), Janet Garrick (Grandma), Great Aunt Judy, and many pioneer ancestors are all buried. My family doesn't visit Manti nearly as much as we should but we try to go down when we can. After we visited all our family members we went and walked around the Manti temple grounds. This is the temple where Bronson received his endowment so we thought we should take "Bronson" down to Manti. It was a fun way to spend our.
We were also able to celebrate the birth of the Twins, Gypsy, and Steve! The Twins turned 15 and believe it or not they can get their driving permits! Such a scary thought I know. The Gypsy turned 38 this year! Wahoo!! Just kidding she isn't 40, more like 45 but I swear she's only 38 regardless what she says. Her birthday was so fun! We went out to eat at Costa Vida because its her favorite. Then the Gypsy and I went to a concert at the Muse to listen to our neighbor Isaac Paxman perform. It was such a fun night, but it didn't end there! After the concert we carved pumpkins, made carmel corn, and watched a scary movie. The Gypsy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE scary movies so we try to watch them as much as we can. It was a fun night of Gypsy/Cancer Kid bonding. Lastly is the old man Steve-o. After much debate, he is turning 48 this year. His birthday actually isn't till Monday but I felt bad leaving him out. Every year the Gypsy makes him a homemade German Chocolate Cake (which is to die for) and he gets cool presents. This year his present is the coolest thing ever. I will blog about it next week. This month is just full of birthdays!!
One night my dear friends and teammates Tephanie and Borgan got bored. So I came up with this clever idea that we would paint our faces and scare Kimmer. Well, we did quite a superb job at painting our faces if I must be honest. After we were all painted and got into character we went to scare Kim. She didn't really get scared but it was a lot of fun taking pictures and making funny movies. Corbin, Kenny, and Devin thought they'd copy us and painted their faces as well. I've never been a huge Halloween person but it was so much fun to get all painted up and such and scare Kimmer :)

Official basketball practice has started! Its crazy to think that in 2 weeks my games start and its season. Its nice to be back playing and having the coaches there to coaching, but I do miss summer pick up games I won't lie. This season is going to be a lot of fun. We have a lot of young girls but they're going to help out majorly. I just can't wait for November 3 for that first exhibition game. I've missed playing basketball and games so so much. If you ever get bored, come watch a game! Here's a link to our schedule so come watch!
Well besides long days at school and basketball life has been good. I'm still trying to adjust to being back to normal college life but its so nice to be back. I go in for a check up this week possibly the next. I'm sure everything will be fine. Thank you everyone for your love and support. It means so much to me and more! I'll keep you updated on my next appointment. By the way, the Gypsy has facebook! How awesome is that? Everyone should add her she is almost as funny as I am. Jokes Jokes. Anyways, love you all!


Ps.. Elder Kaufusi if you're reading this just know I love you and I miss you!!