Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

So on this day of thanks I thought it would be appropriate to do a blog post about my top 10 things that I am thankful for! So... let the list begin :)

#1: My Gypsy!

#2: My Fat Man!

#3: My Siblings (Little Boy, Corby, Weiner Dog, and Dev)

#4: My only child Porsche, and the dog Josie

#5: My Friends! ALL OF YOU! (Don't be offended if you aren't pictured! You know who you are though :))

#6: Modern Medicine

#7: My Good Health

The left side if my cancer. Everything that's red and fluorescent is cancerous. On the right its all gone :)

#8: My BYU experience! Basketball included.

#9: My Extended Family! ALL OF YOU! (Sorry I couldn't picture all of you)

#10: FOOD!!

Here is just a small list of some of the things in this life that I am thankful for. I truly feel so blessed to be sitting here alive this day able to spend the Holidays with my family and friends. Thank you everyone once again for all that you've done for me over the past 9 months throughout this cancer battle. Everyday gets a little better. Thank you again. Everyone have a safe and fun Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bring on the Cold!

Hello everyone! I thought its about time to update the blog and let you all know how great I am doing! Well basketball season is well under way! We are 3 games into the season and well its going. We won our first two games against Western Oregon and Dixie State. This past weekend we lost to Duke. It was such a good game. Duke is ranked 8th in the country so we went into this game with nothing to lose. We played hard and kept it a close game but didn't come out on top. Its ok though, you can't win them all right? Its so nice to be playing ball again and I'm so thankful my health is allowing me to do that.

Speaking of health! So my gallbladder issue has been changed to a digestive issue. I'm on a few meds right now that are helping though and making life so much better! Its nice to eat food again! We are planning on doing a little scope just to make sure everything is looking ok. Don't be alarmed though this isn't too serious, so nothing to worry about! I'm glad I get to be on break some more until January now! Its always nice being on a break and not having to go up to the Huntsman Center. I've been up there way too much lately!

Its been getting pretty cold here in Provo. I'm not a huge fan of the cold but I am a fan of jeans and fun fall clothes! The new H&M opened and I cannot wait to head up there and do some shopping. I'm due for a new winter wardrobe. Since its so cold I am starting to retire my shorts. As hard as it is its just getting too cold to be walking around campus in shorts and slippers. I decided I'm going to embrace the cold weather this year. Rather than absolutely hating the cold I'm going have fun in the snow! This means there will be lots of sledding, ice skating, tubing, and other fun winter activities. Hopefully by having fun this winter won't be as miserable as the past.
Kids these days... Her outfit is awesome eh? JK this was for Halloween :)

The past week has been one of the most stressful weeks of my life for many reasons. But the main reason was due to the absence of Chelle. The Gypsy thought she would leave me forever (ok not really only like 8 days) to go to China. Now I mean, I'm sure China is a cool place and yes Michelle brought back way cool gifts and has cool pictures, but I just wish she hadn't left! I do love my huge Panda bear named Ping, My Beats headphones, and my new silk robe, but I wish I could have just kept her here with me. I realized a lot while she was gone. Such as...

Teenagers aren't easy to control at all!
1. You can't leave them alone for a 45 minute nap. EVERYTHING falls apart.
2. They don't know how to listen. You tell them I can't pick you up till 4:00, and they call you twenty one times at 1:30 asking for a ride.
3. They're lacking in communication skills. They would rather wait outside in the cold 30 minutes for you than ask someone for a ride
4. They are greedy! You give them a later curfew than what Michelle gives them and yet they still ask for an extra hour!
5. They can't read. Everyday I would text them and write up on the whiteboard simple chores to help me out. None were ever done until I dragged them home and made them do them. Lastly,
6. They're spoiled! I cooked almost every night and still got reminded how I missed two nights. Heaven forbid we have left overs or go out.
So if any of you ever want teenagers, think twice! They really weren't all that bad. I just never want children until I'm done with school and basketball. Trying to be mom, a student, and play basketball was not so fun. Remind me to NEVER do that again! Michelle was dearly missed though. We are all so happy she is home. The house just isn't the same without her.

My Panda Bear named Ping

Well I'm glad to say my health situation is getting better. Its amazing how a few pills everyday can make me feel good as new. I go back in January for my next check up. That means Thanksgiving and Christmas without any doctor appointments! Yay :) Oh and I almost forgot, I have brown hair again! I thought it was time to go back to normal. It keeps throwing me off when I look in the mirror I keep expecting to see my blonde hair but its nice to be brown and to blend in with my family again. Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Nothing like a day dedicated completely to food. Love you all!

PS: There was an article in the newspaper and BYUtv did a little section on this whole cancer deal so here are the links!