Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chemo 3... Sleep Cures ALL!

Corbin and I

Gypsy and I


Today was my Third Chemo! Also my halfway point. I feel so accomplished that I am already half way done with this cancer thing. Before chemo started I was able to talk to my doctor, Dr. Martha Glenn. She told me that after I'm all done with chemo (hopefully in May) I'll have 2 weeks off before I start radiation. Radiation would be everyday 5 days a week, for 30 days. Good thing my Aunt Lisa and cousin Hillary live in Salt Lake so I can maybe crash there so its less driving. Today went really well though. I slept for about the first 2 hours which was amazing. I felt so good when I woke up. This was the first time my body hasn't had any weird reactions so rather than having 7 hours of chemo I only had 6... Which was so nice! When I woke up my cousin Monty and his wife Kajsa came and visited. They even brought me gifts! National Geographic magazine, silly putty, and Kajsa made me a CD of some sick music! I have the most amazing family ever. After they left my friend Diana came and stayed with me for the last hour of chemo, along with my Aunt Lisa. Its so nice to have so many visitors to keep me busy and entertained. Anne and Liz Tempest came but I was unable to see them since they were sick... they even brought baby Stephen but children under the age of 12 aren't allowed in the chemo room. Good thing Michelle took a picture of him for me! Chemo 3 was definitely a success. I felt a little sick tonight but after a nap, I'm feeling good! Like I said, sleep cures all :) After I was able to visit Hillary and her little girls. They always know just how to make me smile! Especially after a long day of chemo. I love you Makaela, Thea, and Ella! Thanks everyone for your love and support! I love you all.


PS. AK10 bracelets can now be bought at Days Market in Provo. I'll have more next week! Loves!

Monty and Kajsa came for a visit

Diana and I kickin it old school

Chemo 3, Success!

Tempy and I

Baby Ella

Decal Fundraiser

Tina Salmon is working hard to look for ways to help Alexis.
Her newest endeavor are $10 decals!
Above is a picture of what the decal looks like (minus the gray 5 in upper left corner). You can put these latex decals on just about anything, and they peel away without leaving a mark behind. Whether it is a picture frame, a car window, a house window, a laptop, a wall, a tile, a get the idea. They are a marvelous way to show support for Alexis, and ALL the money goes towards the Alexis Kaufusi non-profit Cancer fund to help pay for her medications. Each decal is $10. Thank you to Tina Salmon for putting this together!

Just a quick story to share. After Alexis' first chemotherapy treatment you probably all remember how NOT well she felt. She could hardly make it back up to SLC for her appointment the day after she was sooooo sick. She had a number contributing factors, so they adjusted a few of her medications. Treatment #2 went much, much better with symptoms that were normal for a post-chemo patient. One of the medications that contributed to Alexis feeling better was a tablet that she took just 2 times when she got home (that's 2 pills). However, this tablet, after insurance, cost hundreds of dollars....per pill. These are the kinds of things that the money raised will be helping Alexis to pay for.

If you would like to purchase a decal:
Contact Tina Salmon at 801-722-5313
(She says that if you know where she lives you can stop by and pick them up.)
Days Market in Provo
For SLC residents feel free to email me at and I can arrange to get decals to you.
If you live outside Utah & SL counties, call Tina and we can arrange to mail one to you, but we will need to tack on a postage fee (sorry).

The love keeps pouring in, each individual making a big difference each day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Naked Heads

Tonight was the night people! Steve finally caved into my peer pressure and shaved his head! It took him nearly 2 months but he has finally done it! Corbin also re-shaved his head in honor of his favorite sister Alexis. Its now my third chemo session in the morning. Almost half way done. I'm so excited because Corbin will be coming to keep me oh so entertained! I am passing down going to Portland with homies for chemotherapy but its ok! We have prepared for chemo in all the appropriate ways. We (Porsche and I) laid around all day and talked to various people (Cassie, Jaz, Steph, Riley, etc). We ate El Azteca and had a fiesta. Thank you Carlos for making that possible. Ande came over for a walk it was so much fun! We shaved our heads... Took pills and now its bed time. I will post during chemo though. Thanks everything for the love and support! I Love you all!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Gifts Galore!

The T-Shirt Quilt... AMAZING

Tribal Turtle was included

Gum Ball Necklaces

Thank you Millars! Loved this package!

Today has been Christmas in March! So many amazing people in my life visited and brought gifts with them. It all started with having breakfast with my best friend Hannah. She's so good to make sure I'm eating and that I'm feeling good. Later that afternoon I was visited by Syd, Heather, and Bryn Olsen (Heather Myers and Bryn Jackson now). They were so nice to come and visit! They even brought treats. My personal favorites Mt Dew and Tropical Starbursts, as well as these purple gum ball necklaces. They were so kind to stay and visit for a while and just catch up. The mail came shortly after that bringing a package. I love getting packages in the mail they are just always so fun! The package was from Hannah's brother and sister-in-law Boz and Maegan Millar as well as their 3 children Elyette, Jack, and Charlotte. Nothing makes me smile like personal made cards by little kids! The package was entitled "Love 4 Necklace." Jack calls me Necklace since Lexis was too hard for him to say. There were cookies as well but were eaten before I could get a picture, as well as a necklace which is so cute! Thank you Millars for the package it made me so happy!! This isn't all of the gifts either. Three of my neighbors came over with a T-Shirt quilt. This quilt is full of various T-shirts from my life. Some of the shirts are from high school basketball, soccer, club basketball, concerts, basketball tournaments, and just some of my favorite shirts in general. It's the most amazing quilt ever! Thank you Ann Alexander, Barbara Ostler, and Jan Datwyler for the quilt. Its perfect and will keep me warm all night long! Lastly I got a visit from my good friend Shannon Harmer! Shannon has been with me through majority of my surgeries so it would only be appropriate for her to visit me now. She took me shopping and bought me some new shoes, way too nice of her! We now have matching purple shoes. It was fun to just hang out and talk to her like we used to back in the day. Today was such a great day. I am so blessed to have the people in my life that I do. Thank you everyone for all your support and love. On a final note, JC Leach my good friend was kind enough to shave his head to support me. Thank you Megan and JC for always being so nice and always coming and visiting me and bringing smiles to my face. Love you all and thank you! I'm full of gratitude tonight. You all are making cancer so easy for me so thank you!


Shannon, Porsche, and I

Twinner Shoes!

Twinner Haircuts! Thanks JC (Dad #2)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cousins come for a visit!

Isaiah, Myself, Corbin, Jackson, and Devin... Slumber Party!

Princess Ellie and I

Jeff and Brooke's family and I

It was such a pleasant surprise to have my Uncle Jeff (Steve's brother) and his family to come for a visit. I was just minding my business making breakfast when I saw Jeff and his cute kids walking up the driveway. Jeff's wife Brooke makes these necklaces and they brought me one. Its a pretty legit necklace if I must say. It was so much fun to hang out with the cousins! My family got lucky enough to have Isaiah and Jackson sleep over, which is guaranteed to be a party! Ellie wanted to stay so bad but boys this time, and next time little Ellie gets to sleepover. It was a great visit! I love my family they are so great to come all the way to Provo and spend their morning and afternoon with me. Thank you Jeff and Brooke and kids for coming down it made my day! Love you all!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Basketball Basketball... and more Basketball!

Enjoying Jimmer Worship

Mi Amigos watching the game

Game vs USC

The past 2 days have been filled with basketball! It all started yesterday when my team finished our season. We ended the season going 25-9, winning a MWC Championship going 15-1, and went to the WNIT for a post season tournament. It was a rough game last night against USC but we had one heck of a season! We had a lot of fun this year! We spent 2 weeks in Italy last spring, we went back east to play Duke and to Chicago, then went to Hawaii. We had an amazing year and I love my team so much! They have been so supportive of me through this time in my life. I couldn't have asked for a better group of girls to spend so much of my time with! Great season, great girls, great times, and now its time to heal up for next season. Today I have spent the later of my day watching the men's NCAA tournament. I spent my morning being lazy and sleeping and just relaxing after such an intense night! We are currently holding "Jimmer Worship" at my house. Kim, Steph, and Hannah were kind enough to join the festivities. The Gypsy bought treats and ordered pizza . BYU Men's are now in OT against Florida. Its been a close game hopefully the men can pull out the W in the end. Its been a great 2 days of basketball! Can't wait for our season to start up again this upcoming November. Love you team! Thanks for everything you've done you guys are great!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Baldness...

Steve's masterpiece...

So fresh and so clean... and so bald!

So yesterday evening I took off my hat and realized half the hair on my head was gone! After much discussion and finding multiple little brown hairs everywhere we decided it would be appropriate to just shave the hair off and try the bald look for the next few months. Being bald has been fun. I'm so thankful I don't have a completely off shaped head. I was honestly worried because Bronson's isn't the cutest shaped head. Since I've been bald for the whole 12 hours so far I've found myself very cold. It feels as if there is a constant breeze! It was fun though to have my Dad shave my head. My good friend Allie and Corbin helped me clean up all the spots he missed. Corbin even shaved his hair a little shorter. To top off the fun evening Kimmy (aka Kimmer) brought over some pies that her mother made for me. If you've ever had these Banana Creme Pies you would know what I'm talking about. Vicki's pies you would know they are the best tasting things ever. It was a fun night even though my head was a little chilly :) Love you all!


Pies sent from the Heavens!

Allie and I... Lakers fans for life!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bronson Takes a Turn...

Everyone else gets to blog so I thought I'd email and hopefully my sweet cousin Hillary and Alexis would put this on the blog. I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for every single person who supports and helps my family back home through this trial. I love my family and I think of them always. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Here is my story of when I heard about Alexis:
As a missionary after a good day working I walked into the flat to check the messages. My heart stopped for a few seconds when I heard my Mother's voice on the other line saying "Bronny I need to talk to you tonight". They got a hold of me and told me of Alexis' situation. I felt helpless, nervous, worried, and scared for my big sister. I sat there in my chair for quite a while crying and pondering everything I was just told. Once all of the tears were flushed out of me, like a waterfall (I cry easily just like my mom), I prayed and I felt peace. Being so far away from loved ones and not being able to do much is always tough. I knew everything would be alright. The following morning I was able to talk to Alexis and all I wanted to do was let her know how much I loved her. I am so grateful for her. I wanted to ask her a trillion questions and find out everything that was going to happen with her. I didn't know what to say to her over the phone so we just talked and talked as if I was sitting on the couch with her. I cherished that time we talked together, being able to hear her voice and listen to her tell me about how her life was overwhelming. Then she told me about all of the support she had from friends, family, neighbors, ward members and others. I've been able to see it on the blog. Every time I read the blog I try to think of how I can show how thankful I am for every person that has shown their support for my big sister. I can't do much but say two words, thank you. It is truly amazing to see how much love and support my family has been given. I am grateful for every single person who has helped them.
If you read this and see Alexis give her a nice missionary hand shake or a big hug if it's allowed, from her little brother, Elder Kaufusi, because I LOVE my sister no matter where I am in the world.
lub you heaps- Elder Kaufusi

Great Day

Starting Lineup vs Utah State on Saturday
Riley and her stitches

Jason, Tenille, and their kids Taliana, Ammon, and Malia

Saturday was a great day! First I'd like to thank Corbin for blogging... isn't he just the cutest thing? Made me cry! Anyways, Saturday was a fun day. I think I over did it though because later that night I was sick but it was worth it! I spent my morning at shoot around and breakfast with my team. Nothing better than hanging with the team before a game. They've been so nice to just let me come around when i'm feeling up to it and still feel a part of the team. After shoot around I had to get a new screen cover for my new phone... We all know how I manage to break my cell phones like its my day job. I got ready, did my hair, SIKE! I did get ready though and went to watch my team play. We beat Utah State in the WNIT 102-63. My dear friend Kim Parker (aka Kimmer) scored 19 points! and Steph Vermunt (aka Stephy my Canadian) scored the 100th point as we beat Utah State! It was intense Riley (Kristen Riley) had to get stitches after taking an elbow to the eye lid. It was just a really intense game to say the least. I loved it though!! It's always fun to score 100 pts as well. After the game my Uncle Jason and his wife Tenille came down and brought me a blanket and their 3 kids to visit. Always a delight to have little kids running around they make me so happy. I got a call from my former Metro Teammate and coaching partner Halie Sawyer (also played at Utah) and was able to see her and her sister (also my friend) Jenna. It was just a fun night of visitors. Ended up watching a movie with Hannah until I started to feel a little sick. I might have over done it, but it was so worth it! I love hanging out with my team, family, and my friends. Thank you to everyone for making my Saturday perfect! I love you all. I'm posting a picture of my buzzed head hoping Elder Bronson Kaufusi can get a good look at his sister. Love you Bronson!! Thank you again everyone.


Last season, Halie and I laughing as we guarded each other, love this picture

My first and only 3 pointer... EVER! 1-1 on the season... that's 100% :)

This picture is for you Elder Kaufusi! Hope you like my buzz :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Corbin's Perspective

Well I thought if my Mommy gets to talk/blog about Alexis I sure as heck want to too! Anyways I had the opportunity to go with Mom, Alexis, and Daryl to the Huntsman Cancer Institute/Hospital. I had an amazing time; not only was it fun but it really was an eye-opener for me. Everything there was so high tech! I loved it. The best part was the incredible people there that took such good care of my sister. They got us in and started quickly and pleasantly, heck they even gave us free drinks and snacks. Naturally it was legit for me. I didn’t get to see her much since she had so many good friends come visit her but when I did it was quite the experience. As I sat and watched my oldest sister get filled with the chemicals that literally kills almost everything in her body I couldn’t help but feel down and sad. I even got a bit teary. Never in my life have I seen my sister in such a state with her incredibly long, beautiful hair gone, and she looked so sickly. Yet as I continued to watch her I realized this cancer has done so much for her and me.

Before all this happened Alexis and I were not as close as it seemed. She was always ignoring me or I was always annoying her. We were never exactly on the same page; in fact, we were almost always fighting. Now she doesn’t know this, but I hated how things were with us. I really wanted to be a better brother but no matter how hard I tried it didn’t work. Now I see that as we have both been facing this trial, her and I have grown so much closer. I can honestly say I have seen some light in this. We are now both sporting the same hair do, (which I think she rocks better then me…. Dang). We do so many things together that we wouldn’t have before, (over-sized bubble baths is one thing). Ha I’m no longer afraid I’ll get punched or kicked for a hug or a kiss on the cheek… Well actually I’m still afraid but she’s doesn’t mind as much! She’s simply the best. She felt so good through this chemo, which was amazing. I felt even better. I’ve decided to go to all the rest of her treatments! Being able to sit and just keep her company as she was injected may not have been incredibly fun or exciting but it was perfect. She was beautiful :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chemo #2

My Gypsy and Alex! He's my favorite.

My Brother Loves Me :)

Laying in Bed

Meeting with the Doctors

Daryl and Corbin came along

Loved hanging with Ande

Today chemo has been quite better than before. Instead of taking 9.5 hours today has only taken 5 hours so far and I am about 30 minutes away from being done. I've had a lot of visitors which was fun. My good friend Ande Miller came over and made me an amazing as well as a new "hope" bracelet and a CD, which I will now wear with my AK10 bracelet. My cousin Hillary came and brought her two little girls. I'm sad I couldn't see them :( My aunt Lisa and my other cousin Tiffany also came to visit. It was fun to have so many different people come see me. Corbin and Daryl were also able to come which was fun. I loved having everyone there. I have felt so much better today! They gave me really strong nausea medication that has made a huge difference. I was so worried about his Chemo since the first one was so bad, but honestly this chemo wasn't even all bad!
Aunt Lisa and Tiffany also picked out a hat for me. All around the Huntsman they have cases of knit hats for the patients to take. My hat was made by a lady named Marcia. Her daughter was being treated for breast cancer and she wanted to somehow make a contribution. She makes hats for the Huntsman and now I get to keep one and take it home.
I had a lot of fun and hopefully I keep feeling good. First WNIT game tonight, good luck tonight ladies I will be there! Love you all!


Tiffany and Aunt Lisa

Nap Time

#10 For Life :)

Kisses from Gypsy

My new Hat