Thursday, April 26, 2012

19, 26, 89


So, I'm sure you're wondering what the numbers 19, 26, and 89 stand for... Before I get to them I just want to say how amazing and fun life has been lately! I finished winter semester after a rough 5 days of finals. Finals consisted of 5 days filled with lots of Mt. Dew, lots of water, 8 hours of sleep, 7 tests, some basketball, lots of Bon Iver and Jonsi, and finishing up a root canal. It was such a relief to be done! I started spring semester yesterday with the hopes of graduating in August! That's the goal as of right now so hopefully I can finish everything up in time. I just have 3 classes and my intern so it is possible! I also have been working which is so fun. I really do enjoy working and having a job so I'm glad I'm back working. Its going to be a very busy spring semester between working, school, working out, and my intern but it'll keep me busy which I love. Corb and I have been doing lots of fun stuff like going to Daryl's soccer games, eating food, cooking food, playing basketball, making fires, drawing on Kim and Steph's cars, going to Walmart, just fun stuff! There's pictures at the end of our activities. So, onto these numbers...
19... 19 stands for how many days until Corbin leaves on his mission :( I'm so sad that he's leaving me for 2 years to go serve in Korea but I guess if he wants to do it then I should be a good supportive sister and let him go. We have so much fun I'm going to sad to lose him for 2 years. Bronson is fun don't get me wrong, but Corbin takes fun to a whole new level. Anyways, 19 days until May 16 at 12:30 when he leaves for the MTC. His farewell talk will be May 13 (Mothers Day) at 1:00 if any of you are interested! Love you Corb!

26... This is the day I've been dreading for 3 months. I put off my check up appointment a few weeks so I could get finals over with and have some fun. Well those extra weeks are starting to wind down and I'm now 26 days away from spending a few days up at the Huntsman. Its all part of it though. So for the next 26 days I will be doing anything and everything fun just in case the appointments don't go well. I never know what to expect going into these appointments. So far they've been good though so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 26 days, who wants to do something crazy???

I like to refer to this as "Hell in red liquid form"
Crazy stuff we do...

89... BRONSON COMES HOME!!! My baby brother is finally coming home from his mission! Its been a long 2 years with a lot of changes at the Gypsy Lair here in Provo so I'm so excited for him to come home. New Zealand has been good to him but its time he comes home and is with his family. As of right now he's serving as the Assistant to the Mission President and he is doing a great job! I'm so excited to get him home but I am depressed to be sending Corb off. Bittersweet feeling I guess...

So,  now that you understand the numbers its time to focus on the summer ahead! Seriously this summer is going to be epic I can already feel it. Spring has been amazing already so I can't wait for summer to come around. Utah's weather has been very up and down. One day its 80 degrees then the next its 40, but on those warm days Corbin and I make sure to make the best of them. We lay out, we go to BYU softball games and lay out, we have BBQs, and we have bon fires. We've had 4 bon fires in the past 6 days so we are just on a roll! This summer though will be even better... Here's somethings to be looking forward to...
  • Last weekend of BYU softball games :( 
  • V.V. Enterprises (this is what my friends and I refer to our group as) is going to Las Vegas in 8 days
  • Lots of Basketball Camps in June
  • Steph's Wedding!!!! 
  • Canada Trip
  • Jackson Hole with the Family! 
  • California Trip
  • Potential Lake Powell Trip
  • Bronson Comes home!
  • Potential graduation in August
  • Potential Trip Back East to New York and Jersey (My search for Snooki)
  • My cousin Carly is having a baby boy
  • My other cousin Hillary is having Triplets 
  • Swimming at Aunt Lisa's
  • Quality time in SLC with the family
  • Hiking! I really want to do Mt. Olympus and Timp
  • Lots of BBQs
And I'm sure there are some other crazy things that will happen that I haven't mentioned but I will make sure to keep you all informed. ANYWAYS... I'll let you all know how my appointment goes in 26 days. In the mean time work, school, basketball, and my intern will be consuming my weekdays while my friends consume my weekends. Love you all! We'll be in touch.


Here's some pictures from our recent Spring activities... 

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Here is Elder Kaufusi's Plog (picture-blog) for the week! Hope you all enjoy!

My friend Brooke's baby 'Ihi... she loves me

 Daryl and I at the BYU softball game

BYU softball game with Corbs and Ivy

Never been so tall in my life!!

The All-Star Miss. Jessica Dugas

Getting his what, 5th BYU softball poster signed? Die Hard Fan.  

Sitting on the dug out 

Jess and her two biggest fans

Bromance at its finest

Fireman Carry

Easter Morning

So happy to be awake! 

Bright and Early

Corb and the Girls

Baby Ella

Playing outside

Aunt Michelle gave the girls Princess Tattoos!

Happy Easter! Love the Kaufusi Family

The Lovers... The Gypsy and a Bishop

The girls of the family

Michelle and her sisters

Cutest girls ever!!

The boys

The girls

My baby sis and I

Michelle bonding with Ella

Hanging out at the Softball game doing a little Interview...

The Y Awards! We won team of the year!!

Girls Luncheon

Happy Birthday Corbin!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

100 Things I'm Thankful For

Ok so for a project for one of my classes we had to write down 100 things we were thankful for and why.  At first I thought "wow 100 is a lot of things to be thankful for" But once I started going it was so easy and I found myself wanting to do way more than just 100. So I thought I would share it with you all since some of you are on the list. Michelle found it kind of funny so maybe it will give you all a good laugh! Enjoy :)
  1. I am thankful for a loving Mother who does more for me than I could ever deserve.
  2. I am thankful for my teammates! You guys are awesome and I love spending majority of my life with you all. 
  3. I am thankful for music. Music always has a way of lifting me up and helps me balance my emotional state.
  4. I am thankful for technology. Especially my laptop and cell phone; two things I cannot live without.
  5. I am thankful for my cat!
  6. I am thankful for my Dad and all he does to support and provide for my family and myself.
  7. I am thankful for my ability to play the piano and the guitar.
  8. I am thankful for my car Pearl. She’s old but she gets me to the places I need to go.
  9. I am thankful for my little brother. He’s always there for me.
  10. I am thankful for my scholarship that’s paying for my college education.
  11. I am thankful for my good health, considering it hasn’t been up to par lately.
  12. I am thankful for modern medicine. Because of it I’m alive right now.
  13. I am thankful for my cancer doctors who have helped heal me the best I can heal.
  14. I am thankful for my cancer nurse Debbie who always takes care of all my needs.
  15. I am thankful for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Best care and the best doctors around.
  16. I am thankful for my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Gordon. They're always there for me! I've hated living so far away from them the past few years.
  17. I am thankful that I can read.  Reading books is my favorite.
  18. I am thankful for celebrities and their lack of intelligence. Because of their stupid mistakes and their dramatic lives I get to enjoy my People and US Weekly magazines.
  19. I am thankful for Netflix. I get to watch all the movies I want!
  20. I am thankful for water. Water is the one drink I love to drink and always makes me feel better.
  21. I am thankful for my brother (Bronson) serving a mission in Auckland NZ. The blessings from him and his emails make my week.
  22. I am thankful for my other brother Corbin who is leaving on his mission to Seoul Korea… bittersweet feeling.
  23. I am thankful for food. I love that it’s so accessible and that I will never starve.
  24. I am thankful that I live in this country where I’m safe and free.
  25. I am thankful that I have a nice building to attend church in as opposed to a tent or a shack like in some places.
  26. I am thankful for my hair girl Scarlet and her angry dog Edgar. I actually have hair so now I go see her again to get my hair done. 
  27. I am thankful for my friend Jess. She teaches me everything I miss in class from being gone. My good grades are because of her.
  28. I am thankful for makeup. On days I look exhausted, makeup can hide that.
  29. I am thankful for the ocean. It’s so calming and soothing to me.
  30. I am thankful for emailing that makes passing school possible considering I am traveling so much for basketball.
  31. I am thankful for my coaches who love me and who want what’s best for me.
  32. I am thankful for my teammates whom I have so much fun with!
  33. I am thankful for hotels with free wi-fi. It makes my life happier.
  34. I am thankful for the Cheesecake Factory. They have the BEST banana cream pie cheesecake.
  35. I am thankful for police officers and all they do to keep us as citizens safe.
  36. I am thankful for the men who drive the snowplows. Without them I wouldn’t make it around town.
  37. I am thankful for my Aunt Cathy and John who always come visit and send me funny videos of the poodles.
  38. I am thankful for social media. It’s a waste of time but it keeps me in touch with extended family and far away friends.
  39. I am thankful for Nordstroms! It’s the one store with shoes big enough for my feet. And they carry my jeans. 
  40. I am thankful for Modern Family, Revenge, Once Upon A Time, Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead. My favorite shows!
  41. I am thankful for the dentist. Root canal wasn’t fun but my tooth no longer hurts.
  42. I am thankful that when nurse Debbie she’s the best.
  43. I am thankful for blankets! They not only keep you warm but they give you a sense of comfort.
  44. I am thankful for movies. They’re a great way to spend time especially when you’re sick.
  45. I am thankful for the NBA! The lockout is over and now I can spend my evenings watching basketball.
  46. I am thankful for Steve's brothers (Rich, Jeff, Henry, Doug, and Jason) . I have all this Uncles who love me so much and would do literally anything for me. 
  47. I am thankful for my V.V. partners Ashley and Whitney… Seriously they are always there for me and I always have too much fun with them. Crazy times ahead ladies!
  48. I am thankful for treadmills. On snowy days I can still get my run in inside a nice warm facility.
  49. I am thankful for my neighbor Roxanne. She always comes over brings me treats.
  50. I am thankful for texting. It makes communication easy, although talking on the phone is better.
  51. I am thankful for my iPod. I get to always have my music with me now wherever I go.
  52. I am thankful for my dog Josie. She loves to cuddle on cold nights.
  53. I am thankful for my brother Devin because he always takes out the trash when I don’t want to.
  54. I am thankful for my iPAd. I can play games, watch movies, and do whatever else I want.
  55. I am thankful for airplanes. Rather than a 12-hour drive to California I get an hour and a half flight for a basketball game.
  56. I am thankful for my Aunties! They're so much fun and I love getting together with them at our big Tongan parties. 
  57. I am thankful for Marriot Hotel beds. They’re the most comfortable hotel beds ever!
  58. I am thankful for my rolling suitcase. I can’t imagine carrying a huge duffle bag around.
  59. I am thankful for Nikki Pinegar. She’s my favorite crazy white trash neighbor who I love. And Oaks of Mazy of course.
  60. I am thankful for pillow neck rolls. They make plane rides doable.
  61. I am thankful for my cousin’s and their little girls. Makaela, Thea, Ella, Stella, Taylor, and Brielle. Seriously love these little girls they’re so much fun!
  62. I am thankful for Diet Coke. No I do not drink this, but Michelle does! And whenever I need to get on her good side, all I have to do is buy her a diet coke and I'm golden. 
  63. I am thankful for my trainer Jaime. She tapes my ankles everyday and gives me any medicine and helps with any injuries I have. And she has a cool husband Danny and dog Snax
  64. I am thankful for ice. Ice to help heal injuries, and ice to keep my powerade, water, and mt dew cold. 
  65. I am thankful for my Sorel boots. They’re warm and make trekking through the snow easy.
  66. I am thankful for my teachers. They are all so willing to help me stay caught up in school. Considering I am traveling so much.
  67. I am thankful for Skype. When I’m on the road I can Skype my family because I start to miss them.
  68. I am thankful for my sister who cleaned my entire room and bathroom while I was on the road.
  69. I am thankful for orange juice. Nothing is better in the mornings!
  70. I am thankful for Legends Grille. I get breakfast everyday here. Oatmeal, wheat toast, and orange juice.
  71. I am thankful that basketball is an indoor sport. Playing sports in the cold isn’t fun.
  72. I am thankful for vending machines. I can always get a quick drink when I’m in a rush on campus.
  73. I am thankful for my nice heated house!
  74. I am thankful for my Bosch washer and dryer. I always have clean clothes.
  75. I am thankful for indoor plumbing and toilets. Holes in the ground just don’t cut it.
  76. I am thankful for my buddies Kim, Steph, and Morgy Porgy. You guys make basketball trips even more fun for me. 
  77. I am thankful for iTunes. Music is accessible with just a few clicks.
  78. I am thankful for nail polish! So cute and makes for a great girls night activity.
  79. I am thankful for the game Temple Run. It makes these long plane rides go by faster.
  80. I am thankful for BYU football! My dad’s a coach and my brothers play so it is always fun to watch.
  81. I am thankful for my Xbox 360 and Rockband. I got this for Christmas and it’s the best distraction ever.
  82. I am thankful that I don’t like candy or chocolate! I can waste calories on real food!
  83. I am thankful for my working legs. Without them I couldn’t go on family walks; or play basketball.
  84. I am thankful for toothbrushes and toothpaste. Bad breath is the WORST thing ever.
  85. I am thankful for hot water. Cold showers on cold winter days are not good for the soul.
  86. I am thankful for the games on my phone… temple run, draw something, hanging with friends, the good stuff.
  87. I am thankful for powerade. So refreshing during hard practices.
  88. I am thankful for my longest friend Di. She’s been there for me since 1st grade and we will best friends forever!!! And of course her husband Ted and baby Colt (their new grey hound).
  89. I am thankful for nice flight attendants.
  90. I am thankful for Twilight. I can never get sick of the books or the movies.
  91. I am thankful for my cousins (Yes all of you!). They make family gatherings fun.
  92. I am thankful for my digital camera. I can capture my life and share with others.
  93. I am thankful for earrings. They’re so cute and fashionable.
  94. I am thankful for online shopping. It makes shopping so easy and I don’t even have to get dressed or out of bed.
  95. I am thankful for Ikea. All my furniture needs are met there.
  96. I am thankful for Barnes and Noble. I can always find a good book.
  97. I am thankful for Carlos the owner of El Azteca. He’s also a good family friend. And he makes me a special dessert whenever I go in.
  98. I am thankful for my neighbors who care so much about my health and me.
  99. I am thankful for tivo so I never miss my favorite shows.
  100. I am thankful for Mt. Dew. Its probably not the best thing for me but it makes hard long days easier.