Sunday, March 25, 2012

Plog = Picture Only Blog

So.. Elder Kaufusi can't receive attachments so this is a special picture recap of this weekend just for him! And of course for the rest of your entertainment :)

Last thing, here's an article from LDS news:

Mentioned something about me and cancer at the end. Love you guys!! Have a safe and fun Spring! Until next time,


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Update on life...

Hello friends and family! Sorry it has taken me so long to blog about life. Things have just been so crazy lately. Between finishing up basketball season and taking 16 credits my life has been insane. But the madness is finally slowing down so I thought I would blog. So since I last blogged a lot has happened. We'll start with basketball...

Basketball season has come to an end! So sad I know. We had truly an amazing season though and I'm so thankful I was healthy enough to play a small role in this season. We ended up winning our Conference Tournament down in Las Vegas. That was definitely a high point of this season for me. Beating Gonzaga (after losing conference to them) was so much fun. And being able to cut down the nets was so much fun! Winning this tournament also meant that we would get an automatic bid into the NCAA tournament. This is a goal that every team works towards all season. The past 3 seasons we have made it to the WNIT just falling short of the NCAA so it was nice to have that automatic bid in. We ended up playing DePaul in Chicago. It was such a good game! It had its ups and its downs but we ended up falling 4 points short. Even though our tournament run wasn't nearly as long as we expected it was an experience I will never forget. The NCAA tournament is a first class tournament and I will never forget how much fun it was. Its nice to now know what it feels like so we can work just as hard this next year. All in all, it was an amazing season. We went 26-7 beating some really good teams. Next season will be just as good if not better. I'll really miss the seniors Dani, Haley, and Riley. They have been such great leaders on the court! Thanks you guys!! Now, let the off season training begin!!

Next item of business... update on the Kaufusi family!

Well... I feel like so much has happened in my family lately! As mentioned in my previous blog Corbin has been called to serve a LDS mission in Seoul, Korea. He leaves May 16 and his farewell date is May 13 (Mothers Day) at 1:00. If you're interested in coming let me know via facebook, twitter, text, email, just however and I'll give you the address to our church. This Saturday is also the spring scrimmage for the BYU football team. Corbin is #66 and he will be playing in the scrimmage so come out and support him! I'll be there cheering loud so join me 12:00 at LaVell Edwards Stadium.

Bronson comes home July 24!!! His homecoming talk will be July 29 at 1:00 so mark your calendars. Its bittersweet summer if you ask me. One brother leaving, one brother coming home. On the bright side, the girls will be the majority in the Kaufusi household for a whole 2 and a half months which is rare.

Michelle is busy doing school board stuff. If i had known that this whole school board thing would interfere so much with our bonding time I wouldn't have let her do it! Just kidding she loves being on the school board and I'm glad she has something to give her a break from me. I can be a little overwhelming I guess, or so she says.

The big news of the month... Steve has been called to be a Bishop of a singles ward! Never thought I'd be the daughter of a bishop but hey, never say never. He's going to be such a great bishop. He works really well with the kids and loves being around them. I think it keeps him young to be honest. Balancing coaching and bishop might be hard but he can do it! It helps that Michelle is his wife :)

The twins... Nothing to say about those two. SIKE! Love me those twins. Daryl starts soccer soon which I cannot wait for! Something about yelling and cheering and getting kicked out of her games just makes my life so complete. GO UTAH FC! Dev is really skinny and tall. Its weird that he's so much taller than me now but hey, I still have a solid 60 lbs on him. I've never met anyone who eats oreos like this boy does. I'm talking like, 2 rows+ in one sitting! He's a growing boy thats for sure. Love my family!! They're amazing :)

Next item... Spring time events!

Spring is here in Utah, well most days. I can't get my hopes up with this warm weather because it snowed so bad the other day. But still! Somethings that I do during the spring time...

  • BYU softball games! So my family is known for adopting people into our family. Our newest addition is my friend Jess. I've talked about her before. She's on the softball team here and BYU and well, she's kind of a big deal in the softball world. I never knew much about softball considering my softball career lasted a year in high school and well, it lasted a year for a reason. But Jess plays and I've learned so much! So go to a BYU softball game. I'll be there. There's three games this weekend. One Friday at 6:00 and two on Saturday at 1:30 and 3:30. They're way fun. Jess has been a good friend. We're in the same major and have a ton of the same classes. I would be doing so bad in school if it wasn't for her! Not only does she let me copy her notes from when I'm gone but she makes me study... something I've never been good at haha. So, Softball Games = Spring Activity
  • BYU rugby games! Since Brons has been in NZ we have become more familiar with the game of rugby. Considering we are a big football family rugby is new and exciting. And BYU rugby is going on and they're one of the top teams in the nation. If you've never been to a rugby game go. They're fun! The weather is nice, there's a lot of action, a lot of the boys have NZ and South African accents (so attractive), and there's a lot of attractive polys there. Its a win win situation. So, check out some rugby games. 

  • Some other spring activities I plan on doing...
    • Hogle Zoo
    • The new City Creek Center mall in SLC
    • Hiking! (maybe more of a summer activity)
    • Camping (in my back yard)
    • Intramural soccer
    • HUNGER GAMES! Team Gale, so over Peeta 
    • Pick up basketball games, call me if you wanna play!
    • Finding a job... tough one
    • Spending time with Corbin
    • Remodeling Bronson's room
    • Playing lots of Rockband
    • Oh... and School
Well... Thats about it. Quick update on my health. I finally am feeling strong guys! I kind of plateaued out for a few months but I'm finally back to getting more normal. This is probably the best I've felt in a long time. Stomach problems are now minimal. It helps knowing what foods now make me sick so I stay away from those. I've been really tired lately but I think its just because I am pushing myself because I'm feeling so much better. I love it! The tooth problems are still prevalent but hopefully those will be over next week when I go see my oral surgeon. Who knew chemo weakens the enamel of your teeth? I do now. I won't lie, I try not to think about my appointment. I know I should but hey, innocence is bliss and its time to have fun and not worry about the potential problems ahead until May 22. Love you all! Thanks for the prayer. One last thing, my cousin Hillary who has been one of my biggest supporters is pregnant with triplets! As exciting as this is its also very high risk so pray for her so we can get these babies here safe. Love you all.