Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The big 22! (Not as fun as turning 21 but oh well)

Well everyone... This week was my 22nd birthday! Man, I am getting old. I mean, 22 isn't old but i feel old! I think I should be turning 62 or something! Anyways, my birthday was a phenomenal day. I started my day off with class and some basketball practice. Class is always so fun, not. After basketball though is when things got fun. We realized that Jimmer's All-Stars were practicing after us so some of my teammates and I thought we'd watch them practice. Some of the All-Stars consisted of Jimmer (obviously), Kemba Walker, Kenneth Faried, Nolan Smith, Jackson Emery, and so many more! It was such a fun time to watch these amazing basketball stars play. And this was JUST practice! Later that day I went to a team dinner with Daryl's soccer team and my family. It was so fun! The dinner was at Jackie Yarro's house and she made the most amazing salad and chili! It was so yummy! After dinner we went back to the Gypsy lair and had some cake and ice cream and of course some chips and Dr J's salsa! It was such a fun night with some friends and family and a perfect way to spend my 22nd birthday!

The following day I was doing my normal Thursday routine. Class then basketball. There was a confusing moment of phone calls and text back and forth between my Dad and I about me meeting with the athletic director Tom Holmoe. He told me not to worry about it and it was going to happen another day. So I continued working out when one of my coaches came in and told me I needed to go meet with Tom right now. I was so confused once again wondering why Tom wanted to meet with me. I was really nervous and afraid I was in trouble for some reason. My strength coach didn't help when he told me the only time he was pulled out of a workout was because he was trouble. I was panicking walking over there. As I walked up to the offices I was surprised to see just about everyone in the athletic department including athletic trainers, promotional people, my coaches, and everyone behind the athletics gathered. Tom was there and wished me a happy birthday and gave me a gift. Tom and Chad Lewis had hiked Mt. Timpanogas and taken a BYU flag up the mountain and hiked down with it. After that they had a ton of the athletes and coaches sign the flag then presented the flat to me and a picture of Tom, Chad, and the flag up on top of the mountain. This was such a kind gesture of them to do!
Later that night was the Jimmer's All-Stars game! It was so amazing to see such good quality basketball. It was the typical All-Star game. Lots of 3 pointers, lots of dunks, and lots of cheering. My new favorite playing is Kenneth Faried aka "Manimal." This guy is such an amazing player. He was a lot of fun to watch along with all the other playrs. It was a great way to continue the birthday celebration!!!
Friday night was the BYU football game against UCF. It was nice to come out with a win after the prior weeks game against Utah. The game got a little chilly which I was not very happy with! That means winter is coming and I hate the cold! But it was a fun game and its always a good weekend when the cougars come out with a Win. I was thinking of all the pros and cons of it becoming winter time and to be honest, they balance each other out.

  • Basketball Season starts
  • I can wear my jeans and jackets without dying of heat
  • Hot chocolate!
  • Mocasin Time
  • Sweats everyday :)
  • Since I can't go outside, I get to cuddle up and watch movies
  • Its freezing outside!!
  • I can't wear my shorts
  • I have to wear MULTIPLE layers
  • My shoes get dirty from the slushy snow
  • Its freezing outside!!
  • Theres snow and ice everywhere... and lastly...
Well in the end, I hate the winter time! I need to move somewhere with no winter and no snow wheres its 80 degrees year round. The nice is during basketball season we get to go to Hawaii for a week. In exactly 62 days, I will be in Hawaii while Utah is freezing! I cannot wait. Anyways, I had a great Birthday and weekend. Thanks to all my friends and family who made it a memorable one. Now, its time for my Sunday nap then lots of homework! My next check up is in 4 weeks so I need to have as much fun as I can in the next 4 weeks before I have to head back up there. Love you all!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

New School Year 2011!

Melia walking me to my first day of school :)

Well I am officially back into the swing of normal college student life! School and basketball has started. My weekends have become my favorite days of the week. And now, I have a set routine for everyday! As much as I enjoy spending hours studying and having a schedule, I really do miss having my days all to myself to do whatever my little heart desired. But I enjoy feeling like a normal kid again. Everyday I wake up, go to class, go to basketball, go to more class, then go home and recover for my day. I've been feeling really good though. My energy level is getting better everyday. I've been playing basketball as well. Practicing, lifting, and my own little type of conditioning. I love being back on the court and with my team. It feels so good to be back, even though I could go without the sore muscles. All in all, it feels great to be back on the court and in the classroom. As long as I get lots of sleep at night and take a nap or two during the day I don't get too tired.
So since I last blogged there have been some events that have taken place! Right before school started we had a little team vacation. This year we went down to Sadie Dias' (an incoming freshman) house. It was so much fun! Her parents were so nice to welcome a bunch of rowdy girls down to their house and let us stay. We had a blast though! The activities included a water slide, blow up obstacle course, a pool, boating, Imax movie of the narrows, soccer, volleyball, a football game, catching a snake, scary movie, scary masks, lots of good food, and so much more. It was a great trip to take as a team and was a lot of fun.
I decided that with school starting that I wasn't going to let the fun end there. School started, and the fun continued! I've spent my fall enjoying watching my sister Daryl's soccer games. She is the JV keeper for Timpview High School so every Tuesday and Thursday I go to her games with the Gypsy and Jackie and Ralph Yarro and we sit there and cheer loud. Its so fun but it makes me miss playing soccer. I've been playing for fun though when I get a minute to myself, which I have loved!
As many of you know, college football has started! Yay! Although we suffered a rough lost yesterday to Texas, I've loved watching my BYU cougars play! This next weekend is the holy war and I'm not going to miss that game for the whole world. Even though I do have cousins who play for Utah, I will be rooting for my cougars. I can't wait for Bronson to get off his mission so he can play! Its been fun spending my weekends though watching football games. I love the sport.
This past weekend was one of my personal favorite weekends ever recorded in the past 21 years 11 months and 11 days. I went to the Rascal Flatts concert! My whole life I have been quite the country fan. Rascal Flatts being one of my favorites, along with Sara Evans. When I heard they were coming to concert I just had to go! So when I discovered this I text my dear friend Diana and we bought our tickets and off to Rascal Flatts we went! Sara Evans did amazing (as expected) and so did Rascal Flatts. Up till this weekend Britney Spears was the best concert I've been too, BUT she has now been surpassed! This most recent Rascal Flatts concert was hands down the best concert I've ever been to! They even sang some old songs which are my favorite! It was such a fun night and I hope they come to concert again sooner than later so I can go again. Mikell joined in on the concert fun. She is my new country concert buddy! I can't wait to see what concert we hit up next!
Well that covers the main events of my life as of recent. Some minor events consist of:
  • Ice Baths! My new best friend :)
  • Nikki Pinegar (my white trash neighbor who I adore) got a puppy! I might steal the puppy
  • Causing mischief with my co-workers at V.V. Enterprises
  • My friend Todd Salmon returned from his mission
  • I became a professional poodle walker for the day
  • Watching scary movies
  • Glenn (Bronsons football coach from back in the day) and Kara Thomas had a baby! So cute!
  • Scaring Ashley with the Jabbawockeez mask
  • Harassing Evage Cleavage's (Eva Fisher) chickens
  • Lastly, bleaching my hair!
So I think that is all folks! Can you believe it was 8 months ago I was sick and now I'm back at school and playing ball?? Its amazing what life throws at you. Today especially I am so thankful for the amazing life I have in this country. 9/11 was tragic ten years ago. I am so blessed and proud to be an American and be living here! Not only is this a monumental day in American history 9/11, but it is also my dear homie Keilani's Birthday! So happy birthday cuz! Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! I'm doing great and you will all see me out on the basketball court this season. Thanks for all your love, support, and your prayers.