Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Decision Made...

Well... Hello everyone! I'm sure a lot of you heard the news, and if you haven't then hear it goes! I was released from the BYU Women's Basketball team. This happened about two and a half weeks ago and was quite a surprise. Lots of mixed feelings but I am now at a happy place and have found peace with my Coach's decision. I'm very sad I won't be able to play my final year at BYU after everything I did to get to this point but, everything happens for a reason and new doors have opened! When this initially happened a lot of different scenarios went through my mind. Would I be able to keep my scholarship to finish my degree at BYU (I have one class left, maybe two)? Do I try to play basketball somewhere else? Do I get a job to pay for school if I can't keep my scholarship? Would I lose my friendships I've built with my teammates? Just a million different thoughts and emotions of sadness, anger, and confusion. It didn't take long for me to feel emotions of relief, comfort, and peace. Don't get me wrong, I am sad to not be a part of the team. My best friends are on the team. I've spent 4 years on the team. And I have worked so hard against all odds to get to this point where I am. But, I am happy at the same time. I have been given an opportunity to go play somewhere else for a coach who wants me and who wants to give me an opportunity to prove myself. So now I have met with all the right people. I at first decided that I need to play. I am FINALLY back to 100% energy, strength, speed, and endurance. So naturally after all my hard work the past two years I am going to play. Next decision, where? Due to the timing of the release I can only go D2 or lower, which is fine. I have no problem I just want to play. I wanted to stay instate so my options were Dixie State or Westminster. It helped that the Dixie State coach and I are good friends so it was easy to contact her. I made good friends with the Westminster coach and already knew her assistant coach Elaine Elliot. Coach Elliot is one of my favorite coaches of all time so the idea of playing for her would be amazing since I passed up the opportunity 4 years ago when she was coaching at Utah. Anyways, so which school? After meeting with compliance and asking all the questions and rules situated my options were:
1. Go to BYU this fall, graduate, then play at Dixie State next year for the 2013-2014 season.
2. Go to Westminster this fall, play, then come back to BYU and finish up my degree and graduate next Spring semester of 2013.

After lots of decision making and weighing out all the pros and cons, Steve and Michelle and I made what we felt was the best decision for me and that is... I will be attending BYU this fall semester then going down to Dixie State College to play next season. I am very excited!! I've known Coach Angie Kristensen for a few years now and feel very comfortable with her and the program she's running down at Dixie. I'm very excited for the opportunity though that I have to prove myself and remind everyone I'm still the athlete I was before I got sick. The best part is I will still receive my Bachelors degree from BYU that I have been working at. In the end, its a great ending to my college career. I get to end with my degree and get to have a fun year of basketball playing for a great program and a great coach who is equally excited about me going there. Most importantly though I want to thank all of you. I can't begin to thank you for the support you have shown me and my family once again. The influx of text messages and phone calls and visits that all of you did to make sure I was okay. Don't you worry, I'm great and couldn't be more happy with how things have turned out. Its amazing how such good things come out of bad situations. I'm going to miss these moments... Thanks for the memories girls!
Fun trips...
So there you have it! In the mean time I got a new trainer, a nutritionist, two jobs, and am working hard to get my body in tip top shape! Not to mention save some money to maybe buy a new car to get me back and forth between Provo and St. George haha. My sweet little ghetto BMW just isn't going to be able to make that trip. I am so excited and so happy about what my life the next 2 years. Great things are going to happen. I am going to miss my BYU teammates though. They have been my sisters the past 4 years and I will miss spending from September to March with them, but they are going to have a great season! I am excited to follow them this year. So if any of you teammates are reading this just know I love you all and you guys better not be strangers!
1lb Burgers with Steph

Jon Jon, Ray, Me, and Junior
 Today being July 17, that means that Bronson comes home July 24! So, exactly one week! I can't believe he's actually coming home finally. We are all so used to life without him but I'm excited for him to come home and get my baby boy back. I'm also happy that I will get to spend the next year with him before I move down to St. George. My best friend is finally coming home! While my other best friend is on his way to Korea within the next month. It happens. I'm just thankful Bronson has been safe while in New Zealand and he gets to come home! For those of you who would like know, his homecoming talk will be July 29 at 1:00. You can text me or facebook me for directions. Lets see what else...
Coming Home July 24!!!
August 7. Big day! As you remember last time I went to the Huntsman Cancer Institute things didn't quite go as planned. There were some definite signs of cancer coming back, BUT thats ok! Because I feel great and I honestly think the flare up was just because of the shingles incident that happened a few days later. But we will see. I know for a fact its nothing serious and worst case scenario, I need to get surgery and remove some cancer filled things, but in the end I'll be fine. My energy is great. My strength is back. I can run and not get tired now. And I finally feel myself again. Its nice to finally be normal. Getting Bronson home will just add to these positive feelings I've been feeling lately. I hope you are all enjoying your summer! I know I am. My favorite Canadian comes home today, Steph. I need some Steph in my life thats for sure. JC and Megan come home from Las Vegas today as well! My solid friends are coming back which will be so nice. And in one week, Bronson comes home.
Me, JC, and Meg... and Corbin holding Meg's hand

My Tephy

My life is normal and I couldn't be happier! Everyone have a fun safe summer. I'll let you all know how my big appointment goes on August 7.


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