Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Blog...

Hello friends! Just a quick update... I have started blogging again! Check out and follow my new blog called "Life According to Alexis" at:

Love you all! Don't worry, I'm still healthy and doing great! Thanks for all your support again!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fa'e, Mãe, Mor, Maman, Makuahine, Madre... Mother

So... First of all. Happy Sabbath everyone. With today being mothers day I would like to publicly acknowledge Michelle for winning mother of the decade. Why might you ask? Here's just a few reasons of why Michelle is the winner. In the past 10 years Michelle has done the following...
  • Nursed 3 torn ACLs
  • Nursed an additional 4 knee surgeries (including herself)
  • Nursed a torn Rotator Cuff and Labrum
  • 2 broken arms, 1 double compound fracture with 4 surgeries
  • Multiple broken noses
  • Took care of some kid who had cancer for 8 months
  • Sent 2 sons on LDS missions
  • Fed hundred of mouths (mostly mine and Steph's)
  • Drove to Canada with a car full of sleeping kids then navigated herself throughout that mother land with out Steve 
  • Ran a few marathons just for the fun of it
  • Lets throw in triathlons for kicks and giggles 
  • Ran for a public office and won. 
  • Has had 3 high school graduates. 1 college.
  • Somehow managed to go back to BYU and do more school for fun
  • Grandmother to my little Porsche and Bella
  • Planning her first wedding
  • Conquered China
  • Did 3 Eagle Scouts (I'm giving her credit we all know those boys do nothing 

Now... I could go on. But I should stop there. Basically my Gypsy is the most amazing woman I know. Seriously she puts up with so much. Shes married to the brown man. She has 5 brown children. 2 grandchildren (animals), as well as her own 120 lb german shepherd, 2 jobs, a political career, an insane gym workout freak, and functions off 4 hours of sleep. I am in awe at how she does it all but she does. She's raised me to be the person I am and I wouldn't be here without her. She's the most caring giving person I know out of all the men and women out there. Anyways, Gypsy lady. I hope you know I love you to at least the Sun and back. and maybe a littler further. Side note.. I got her the BEST mothers day present ever. So I'm going to say you're welcome right now.

Besides my mother I've had some people throughout my life who have been mothers to me and helped raise me. Lets be honest I haven't been the easiest child to raise. So here's some more women who deserve credit for me as well.

My Grandmas Janet and Eveline. My Grandma Garrick passed away when I was just 10 years old, but she was one of my best friends. She has the same cancer I have and even though she's not here I know we have that connection and she's still with me in spirit. She was such a fighter and the most amazing woman ever. She made the best pancakes, put on the best easter egg hunts, and taught me where to keep my money so no one can steal it. I miss her everyday and wish more than anything she could be here with me. My Grandma Kaufusi is still up and at it. She is such a great example of selflessness. She is giving and caring. She managed to make it to all of her grandkids graduations college and high school throughout the state. She always comes to my house with Tongan food and treats for us. We just  celebrated her 69th birthday recently and I am so happy shes still here. She has facebook, text, and I'm sure she will be on twitter and isntagram soon.

My Aunt Lisa. From the time we moved into that white house on Forest Hills Drive just 6 houses away from her she has been there with me through it all. I can always count on her care and support as she's been to countless Timpview and BYU basketball games cheering for me as well as through chemo up at the hospital. No one throws a pool party like her and no one has a full cookie jar at all times like she does.

Liz and Ann Tempest. My two best friends moms. Liz and Ann have been there since I was just a kid. They introduced me to camping and hunting and all those outdoorsy mountain things that Brown people typically don't do, being more of beach ocean people. I can't tell you though how much fun I have had with these two ladies and their families. They have opened their arms to me and have treated me as their own. Not to mention their daughters are two of my best friends. I'll never forget all the fun times up Lambs Canyon, Milburn, Turkey hunts, Huntsville, and ski trips to Alta.

Eva Fisher. Oh Evas... Eva has had to deal with me through the teenage years. She also opened up her front doors and always had amazing food for lunch. She also shares her magical oils with me. If you ever have ANY ailment I guarantee Eva has an oil for it and you'll be better in a few days. Along with Michelle shes the ultimate workout freak and basketball mom. She's always there and always gives me a good laugh whenever I'm at her home.

Suz Vermunt. Suzie is Steph's mother. Although she lives 11 hours north of here she has been such an influence to me. She opens her doors willingly to me when I go to the motherland and makes the most amazing BBQ salad thing ever. She was my go to when we were in Italy since Michelle couldn't come and she always takes care of me when I'm up in Canada. She's been so good to just accept me into their family with open arms and I couldn't as for a better Canadian Mother.

The newest person I want to add is my cousin Hillary. She's been there for me all along. From trips to the zoo and to movies when I was younger to coming to every chemo session with her 3 girls. She recently gave birth to 3 triplet boys and I have loved going to her home and spending time with her. She is the best person to talk to about anything because she gives the best advice to me. Probably because we are both are Virgos and think the same and have the same thought process. I'm so thankful for her and for being there for me whenever I need her. I'm also thankful for her 6 kids and the happiness they bring me and for all the joy I get because of them.

I'm so thankful today for mothers and for all the women out there. Maybe its because I'm a minor feminist and think women are superior but I really am so thankful. Wouldn't be the person I am without all these women and so much more. Everyone have an amazing mother's day! Love you all!

Alexis & Porsche & Bella

Side Note... I recently got a new puppy. Her full name is Isabella Eveline Kaufusi. But I call her Bella. She's a St. Bernard. 6 weeks old. And so adorable!! This little puppy has made me so happy and has been a blessing to me. I may be a little obsessed so I'm apologizing now for the excessive pictures I will post. Happy Sunday. Happy Mothers Day. And Happy Talking to Corbin Today!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring has Sprung... AND its Check Up Time!

Hello everyone! I know its been a while so I thought I would briefly update you on my life. This Spring has definitely been a Spring of changed... for starters...

Change #1: My mullet is almost no longer a mullet! How exciting is that? And soon, my extensions will be in and I'l have my normal long hair :) Don't get me wrong, short hair is AWESOME, but, I miss my long hair and my massive messy bun and using straightener and all that fun stuff. Two and a half years of not doing hair has been nice but I need a change.

Change #2: I'm a BYU graduate! FINALLY done with school, for now. I was able to walk this past April which was such a fun experience. Long graduation for sure but so worth it. Thank you to all my friends and family members who were there that day and night. The highlight of the night was a video my dad made me. He was out of town and missed my graduation but he made me the cutest video which made me cry. and I dont ever cry. Thank you Dad and Sepi for doing that. You guys are the greatest!  I'm planning on starting up soon and finishing up my teaching certificate so I can hopefully teach at Timpview.

Change #3: So why switch to teaching and of all places my alma mater Timpview? Well, since I'm also now coaching girls basketball there it seem appropriate to get my teaching certificate and just teach there as well as coach. With some current knee issues playing isn't an option anymore so coaching is definitely the next best thing. I've been working with the girls for the past month and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for this upcoming season and how good we are going to be! I guess once a Tbird always a Tbird eh?
Back then...
Now coaching in the weight room
Change #4: Eh... such a Canadian phrase to put after asking a question. And last week was so sad as I said goodbye to my best friend over the past 4 years. Mrs Stephanie Vermunt-Seaborn moved back to the Motherland of Oh Canada to boring Lethbridge. Why is Lethbridge boring? Because its 10 hours away from Utah and I'm not there! If you've been following my blog or my Facebook or Instagram you'll see Steph has been a sister to me over the years. She lived at my parents house with me for a while and even after she moved out she still practically lived there! She was there through cancer. Through Porsche. Through Bronson leaving, Corbin leaving, Bronson coming home. Playing BYU basketball, getting kicked off BYU basketball... basically every major event thats happened in my life. But now shes married to Trav and they live in Lethbridge. Its ok though because I'm going to visit her soon and hopefully while I'm there I can convince Travis to let her get a puppy!!

My Teph & I over past 4 years
Change #5: New home... So 2 months ago I moved out of my parents and was staying with some of my now dearest comrades who play softball at UVU. Yes I was at all the games repping that Green and Yellow cheering for the roomies. But with school ending and contracts ending I recently moved into a new house just north of UVU with my V.V. Vice Pres Whitney Nelson. My Gingeraaffe KT. And the best softball player I know Krystin. Oh and soon my Tag Team Ivy aka brother Ivans. So far its been a fun adventure and I've LOVED our new little house. We finally brought Koda (Krystin's Husky) and my adopted turtle Mossimo to the house and it just feels so much like a home. No one has lived in the home for a year so there's a lot of yard work and little tune ups that need to be done but I'm sure within the next month it'll be looking good as new! So, if you ever wanna stop by and say hi just let me know we have an open door policy... Kind of. No sketchy shady people or cat haters please and thank you.

Whit, KT, Krystin, & Ivan
our living room
hanging on the new deck
Heres just some quick little updates on my family and other stuff...
  • Corbin's still in Korea. Still alive. And I still want him to come home. Hes so wanting to go Rambo on the North Koreans.
  • My Bestest Chookie Lovie and fellow V.V. member is engaged and getting married to Aaron "Boo Boo" Lewis 
    ahhh soon to be newlyweds 
  • Bronson is engaged to Hilary. Marriage date is July 6 so mark your calendars.
  • El Azteca (best Mexican food ever) moved to a new location just by Fat Cats in provo off of Bulldog and University. Cinco de Mayo is coming up so go order your tamales and tacos!
  • Daryl is playing soccer again yay!
  • Steve is back from his travels to his home land and various South Pacific countries.
  • Porsche has a new pink leather rhinestone bedazzled collar. She's classy.
  • Summer is about here. Who wants to take me boating? 
Well.. Thats about it... Coming up next week are my doctor appointments. Hopefully they go well and I will for sure keep you all updated. Hope everyones enjoyed their Spring and are preparing properly for Summer because I know I sure am! Time to bring on the boating, bon fires, tanning, swimming, and lots of mischievous things all around. Love you all! 

Alexis & Porsche

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Giving Back...

Hello everyone! I first of all want to thank everyone who helped and supported the fundraiser for Holland Young. There was a really great turn out and a lot of familiar faces who heard about it on my blog, so THANK YOU!!! After meeting with Holland I started thinking and wanted to do more so I started thinking of what more I could do to help cancer patients (particularly children) like Holland who are fighting an uphill battle. It hit me the other day at work while watching a YouTube of Zig Ziglar and he said...

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” 
Zig Ziglar

So its time that I help those around me and to make a difference whether it be small or big. Without further ado I'd like to introduce the Alexis Kaufusi Foundation: Helping Children Battle Cancer. This foundation will be set up to help children in their battle with cancer and make the community more aware of ways they can help as well. I hope that by doing this I can help make a small difference in not just a child's life but also a family's. The countless people who helped my family out through my battle made it so I could be here today healthy and back to my normal life. There is no way I can really properly repay those who helped but, so I decided its time that I pass it on. For questions as far as how to donate feel free to contact me at my email alexiskaufusi@hotmail.com.
I really hope I can spread the word and with everyone's help we can make a difference in a child's life as well as their family. Be looking for the new website and blog for the AKF coming soon. Love you all! Hope you're enjoying this spring weather (sorry Canadian family I heard y'all just got some snow). Have a great and safe weekend!

Alexis & Porsche

Monday, February 25, 2013


Valentines Day Breakfast

 Alright everyone. So... I hope you all read my previous post about Holland. If not scroll down and take 90 seconds to read about my latest cancer comrade Holland. Well last week was my checkup... But first here's some exciting happenings in July and February...

Bronson vs USF

Bronson is doing a swell job on the BYU mens basketball team. He actually played 15 minutes against Utah State which was pretty great. He even had a nice little put back alley oop

Quick trip to LA for the day to play with cousin Mei Mei and drive Blakely back (new car)
Santa Monica Pier with Mei Mei

Realization moment Edward Cullen aka Robert Pattinson and I have matching hair

Edward Hair #TeamVampire

Lots of bonding time with the triplets Creighton, Weston, and Paxton. Yes I can tell them all apart without Hillary helping me now.

Weston, Paxton, and Creighton
Dressing Porsche in a bow tie. Why? Because she's a classy beast.

Lots of Sushi and the Ed Sheeran (ginger guy on my blog playlist) with Miss Krystin Jachim

Weekend dance parties with the friends
Play soccer with KT and Hilary (not my cousin... Bronson's lady friend Hilary)

Lots of Starbucks while working away at Vivint. Want an alarm system? Just let me know haha

Valentines day at the hospital! Yay :)

Lastly, babysitting my god son Colt and Stella
So thats kind of been my 2 months. As far as my check up goes, things are good. Is there some activity going on, but nothing has grown. More active, yes. Increase in size, no. So, until there's a greater increase in size, guess who gets to keep having a good time?? This girl right here! What does this mean? No appointment until June (Too busy for anything sooner). I am so thankful that my body is somewhat cooperating and trying to get back to normal. The past 2 months have been absolutely perfect in so many ways and I couldn't be happier. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Hopefully things will stay small so I can keep this lifestyle up. Everyone have an amazing weekend now that its here. Love you all.
Alexis & Porsche