Friday, May 25, 2012

Me and my Myriad of health problems...

Hello everyone! So, as a lot of you know I had my big check up this past week. It was a lovely two days up at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Made for some early mornings (4:30 am mornings) followed by a 5 hour energy to keep me going throughout the day's normal activities.  Well after many tests that consisted of the drawing of lots of blood, some IV work, laying in a tube, and lots of poking and prodding its been determined that... there's some new cancer activity. Now don't be alarmed! There's a lot of good things about this 1. We caught it so so early! The activity is only about the size your thumb nail 2. Its only in a few (few as in 3) places and 3. It isn't super serious by any means! So now what? We wait. We have decided to wait until August 7 to perform another PET scan. This scan will determine whether we do surgery or not. At the end of the day though its nothing to really be concerned about. Its a minor flare up that may result in some really cool scars. And who doesn't enjoy cool scars honestly? I know I do. So until then we be patient, we ignore it, and we have fun! Least that's what I plan on doing :) Don't stop reading now... the plot thickens.

So back in the day of Timpview Basketball there was an article done on me and they referred to me as having "a myriad of health problems." I had to google the word myriad and it can be defined as countless or endless. Little did I know my "myriad of health problems" would continue. At the time my countless injuries consisted of a shattered ankle, some concussions, and a blown out knee. Now the endless part of the definition kicks in. I not only have some cancer issues but just found out I have shingles! Its a never ending continuation of health problems for me and my damaged immune system. On Monday I discovered a weird rash. Its gotten worse since Monday as in like, twice as worse. And little open sores have formed. So I thought I should go to the dermatologist (I am a freak about my skin) and he told me I have shingles. Here's a little brief on shingles...

  • Shingles is a painful skin rash. It is caused by the varicella zoster virus. Shingles usually appears in a band, a strip, or a small area on one side of the face or body. You can't catch shingles from someone else who has shingles. But there is a small chance that a person with a shingles rash can spread the virus to another person who hasn't had chickenpox and who hasn't gotten the chickenpox vaccine.

Well I definitely have a strip of rash across my back and chest that's for sure. Anyways this should clear up eventually. Gotta monitor it very closely for now though. Some meds and IV will help this process move along faster though.

So... Besides the little shingles incident not a whole lot as happened. Corbin has left to serve his LDS Mission in Seoul Korea. Man I miss that kid. The house is so quiet and I find myself bored and confused as to what to do with my time. I have no one to entertain me, to run around in a speedo, to dance impulsively when I least expect it, to cause trouble with me, to make Michelle angry, and no one to go on 1 am In-N-Out runs or 4 am Betos runs. Really miss that kid but he's doing whats right and I can't wait for him to come home in 721 days :) He's doing great in the MTC though. He can now write in Korean as well as pray and say simple phrases. Its amazing how just 1 week has gone by and he can already do so much! I received a letter from him the other day where half of it was written in Korean. He's so funny. I love his letters and emails! I really miss him though. On the bright side, Bronson comes home in 60 days!!! Its crazy to me to think he will be home after being gone for so long. Send one best friend off and get another one back. I made a list of everything I have to take him to do and shared it with him. His response was, "Lex, I wanna be a missionary forever!" Yup, he's definitely been gone for way too long!!

Well besides cancer, shingles, and being without my 2 boys Brons and Corb, I'm so excited for this summer. Some of my summer events include...
  • Lots of Basketball!!
  • Lots of Basketball camps
  • Returning to the Motherland of Steph aka CANADA
Stephy and Trav
  • Steph and Kim's weddings... Yes my amigos are getting married!
  • Lake Powell with my Ashy (hopefully)
  • Maybe even some camping (debatable)
  • Babysitting my cousin Hillary's little girls while she's in the hospital with my soon to be triplet baby boy cousins :) 
My girls Makaela, Thea, and Ella
  • Swimming at Aunt Lisa's
  • Hogle Zoo
  • The Aquarium
  • Vegas with Ashy and Boo Boo Bear
  • Learning to ride a motor cycle
  • Bronson Comes home :)
Elder Kaufusi... Comes home July 24

So that is that. Not a lot has happened lately just been busy with school, basketball, and work. I've loved my life the past few months! Its been so much fun. Can't wait for summer to be in full swing. Anyways, I love you all! I'll keep you updated on my health as always.

Alexis & of course, Porsche

Heres some pictures from the farewell and just other fun summer doings... As well as Bronson and Corbin's videos they've sent to one another...

Even though they're out, Love my Kobe Bryant and my Lakers :)

Ready to go serve Jesus and the Koreans
Corb's last trip to Costco for 2 years
Softball games with Brooke
Corb and I and our new toys

Corby and Gypsy and Steve-O at the MTC
Nap Time with Porsche
Before Corb's Farwell
Some of our Kaufusi Family
Corby and his friends
The Maxwell Family
My Mother and her Beautiful Sisters
Fat Man
Me and Mei Mei
The Crew
Corb and our cousin Isaiah, Jackson, and Micah Kaufusi
Teaching Daryl how to drive
State Cup for Daryl
Hanging with Tina
Lastly... My baby brothers showing off... Typical Boys