Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hey everyone! Well I haven't blogged in forever and I thought I should update everyone on my life. A lot has happened since I last blogged in the beginning of last July and so much has changed and to be honest, I think I have grown a lot. So... Here is my update...

End of July:
Bronson came home! For those of you who don't know he's my little brother, he's about 18 months younger than me and has been serving an LDS mission in New Zealand for 2 years. Its been nice having him home. He has been playing football at BYU and is seeing some playing time here and there. He's doing really well for only being home 2 months. Its been so nice having him home, but we still really miss Corbin (He's in Seoul serving an LDS mission).
Elder Kaufusi is home!

Missing Corbin...

Reunited after 2 years!

Meet Blanca. She isn't mine but still so cute!
I got a new job! I've been working at Vivint since August and I am really enjoying my time there. Its a fun atmosphere and there's fun people to work with so its been nice. I also enjoy getting a little extra money on the side. I started my last semester at BYU. I won't lie its been hard to find the motivation to go to school and really focus on my one class but I have buckled down and am doing better. During the month of August my cousin Hillary had triplets! So happy that all 3 baby boys are now home and healthy. We really are a blessed family. I ended up actually have an appointment up at Huntsman during the month of August. I totally spaced out blogging about it because we didn't find anything really new. Theres some active spots but they are still small so nothing to be super concerned. The way I see it until I have bulges of cancer popping out of my neck again, then I'm just going to keep living life and not slowing down at all. Did I mention Daryl blew her knee out? Shes just following in my foot steps and thought she would tear her ACL, MCL, and meniscus. Poor kid. She's doing good now though and is walking and on the mend. Gotta get her back on the soccer field because lets be honest, shes an amazing keeper and needs to be out there saving goals left and right.
Daryl post Knee surgery
Creighton, Paxton, and Weston
PET scan. My best friend every 3 months

Baby Shower for the triplets. Pax and Wes. Creighton was still in the hospital.

His first Sack

BYU Football's biggest fans
Oh September... it was such a fun month. I actually turned 23 during this month and I dont know why but it was so weird! I feel so much older and to be honest I dreaded the day more than anything. Its weird now since cancer came along milestones like birthdays aren't nearly as fun as they used to be. But since I have the greatest family and friends it ended up being a really fun weekend after all. Went to class and work like any typical Friday. Then went out to dinner with my family at El Azteca. Michelle's good friend and our family friend Carlos Rubio owns El Azteca and man do we love that restaurant. If you want some good chicken tacos and a plum mojito, go visit Carlos and tell him the Kaufusi's sent you. I then went and saw the move the House at the End of the Street with Tina. Such a good movie! I do love scary movies so it was a perfect end to a birthday. Saturday the birthday festivities continued. I was able to go up to Salt Lake with some friends. We went to dinner and just had a fun night. It was a great night! I dont know why but now that I'm 23 I actually feel old. I know 23 isn't old by any means, but I feel older for the first time in my life!!
Birthday dinner with Carlos

El Azteca... Taco Tuesday = HEAVEN

Me and my Cheesecakes, the big 23

Well its only the 3rd day of October but man oh man its been a fun 3 days. Celebrated the twins 16 birthday! Too bad they didn't get heir licenses but it was a fun night. Thats basically the extent of October haha.

Well everyone thats kind of been my life. I don't know what it is but all the sudden I have this sense of urgency to live and grow up. Who would have though me grow up right? I've realized so much about life and the decisions that I want to make and the person who I actually want to be. Change in inevitable and whether we like it or not all we can really do is go with the flow and try to make the best of any situation. I've felt that with the few trials I have been faced with I have been so blessed with the strength to get through them and I now know I can get through anything. But at the same time I cant help but be excited for the next trial in my life. I have realized though just how blessed I am to have such an amazing supporting cast. I have always known my friends and family were great but they truly are the reason I have been able to overcome my challenges big and small. I also have come to notice that time is short... so... bucket list time! I have a bucket list going but I thought I would share somethings with you guys just so you can see what I want to get done within my time here on earth...
  1. cage diving with sharks!
  2. skydiving 
  3. learn how to surf
  4. shoot a PK on Hope Solo
  5. go to the San Diego zoo
  6. go scuba diving 
  7. meet Kobe Bryant
  8. drive across the country... (I did it once but I was like, 3 so it doesn't count)
  9. swim in every ocean
  10. go to every continent... 2 down 5 to go! 
  11. ride a bull
  12. learn how to snowboard
  13. go deep sea fishing in Alaska
  14. go to Tonga
  15. go to Scotland  
Well there's 15 of the like, 50 that I have. Anyways hope everyone is enjoying this fall season! I am thoroughly enjoying the beanie, hoodie, flannel season of it all. My next appointment is coming up actually sooner than I though it was. Hopefully those little active cancer spots are staying small so the fun can continue. Love you all. Thanks again for everything you are all amazing!

First BYU football game

Babysitting my God Son Colt. He's a greyhound

my Ellie girl

Oh I went back Brown

BYU vs Utah Football Game

Brons and the Triplets

Family divided

The notes Gypsy lady leaves me

My Pup