Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Recap and some Other Stuff...

 Hello everyone! Well I haven't blogged in quite a while and with the holiday season I thought it would be a great opportunity to not just update briefly about my life but recap on the past year! So first here's a quick update on my life...

October ended and November was an exciting month! Here's a brief break down...

1. Ultimate bonding time with KT and Ivy
2. Took a road trip to St. George with the girls... Go Dixie!
3. Made new friends #MyClique
4. Had some cancer appointments, postponing scans and what not until February 14 (Happy Lovers Day)
5. Got knee surgery... so needed! Torn meniscus, some weird masses, and a cyst. Nothing bad.
6. Celebrated Thanksgiving
7. Got a 53 inch teddy bear named Oliver Winston III
8. Had a month long respiratory/sinus infection that was supposedly strept and mono but just ended up being a really bad virus.
9. Got kicked out of my rec basketball league and lastly...
10. Signed with Dixie to play basketball!!

December was definitely more entertaining than November... So December...

1.  Garrick Family Christmas Party
2. Taught Tina how to drive in the snow
3. Went to San Diego
4. Went to Sea World
5. Went to the San Diego Zoo
6. Spent hours shoveling snow off the drive way, cars, and street... like hours no joke
7. Talked to Elder Corbin Kaufusi!!
8. Celebrated Christmas as a family
9. Worked a lot of hours at Vivint and lastly...
10. Had a perfect new years!!

Snow Driving Lessons
So thats been my life the past two months but on a more serious note... reflecting on 2012. 2012 has been an interesting year. I kind of consider it my rebuilding year. I was finally better and started to feel normal about mid summer and spent the first half of the year still not quite myself. It wasn't until July when i really started to notice I was "normal again." But just like any other year 2012 had its ups and downs. On the downside, I was cut from the BYU women's basketball team. On the upside, I was picked up by Dixie and by a coach and a program who really make me feel wanted and needed. On the downside its been snowing A TON. On the upside, I spent a whole day with my Dad shoveling snow and just hanging out. Everyone's lives has ups and downs but its all about how we react to what life throws at us. Some lessons I've learned from 2012 and the top 12 moments of my year...

1. Where one door closes, another one opens. Sike. More like five doors open.
2. Don't judge a book by its cover.  Just because the outside of the book isn't appealing the pictures and story inside always are. There's always more to someone than just what they appear.
3. Good things come to those who wait, and nothing is fixed over night. Being patient sucks 99% of the time but it pays off at the end of the day. Or at the end of three months.
4. Honesty is the best policy. Always. No excuses. Always be honest because it just saves everyone a lot of heartache and grief.
5. Even the most powerful person in the world cannot control another persons heart, mind, actions, and thoughts. Being a control freak even some situations are out of my control.
6. We create our own happiness. Sometimes we can't depend on others to create that feeling of completeness and happiness  so we need to take matters into our own hands. I recommend shopping. Or befriending a Ginger as your bestest.
7. All things get better in time. Like wine. Time heals all wounds and even makes things better.
8. As Rihanna would say "People gon talk whether you're doing bad or good" Doesn't matter what you do people are going to talk and think what they want. So might as well give them something to to talk about right?
9. Holding onto the past isn't good. Sometimes you just gotta let go and move on and just forget about what happened. No point in wasting energy, time, and feeling negative about something that happened that one time. And lastly...
10. At the end of the day the people who matter most are the ones who were there not only during your greatest moments of joy and happiness, but the ones who were there to pick you up when you were at your lowest.
Corbin In Korea
Top 15...
1. It was my 1 year anniversary to being diagnosed with NHL as well as 1 year since I was entitled "Complete Response"
2. NCAA tournament with the BYU Women's Basketball team... Side note, definitely miss those girls!
3. Rascal Flatts concert
4. Corbin left me for Korea on his LDS mission, BUT Bronson returned from NZ
5. My Steph got married to Trav
6.  Got cut form BYU and signed with Dixie
7. Graduated from BYU (Be expecting a massive party in April after I walk)
8. Made some new friends and developed better friendships with people I already knew... example: KT (my ginger), Tina, Rita and C (my clique), Mei Mei, Danika, Noellesy, Whitterz, my future Dixie teammates, etc etc.
9. Completed 5 things off my bucket list
10. My cousin Hillary had her triplets! Who are now almost 5 months I believe and all healthy and chubby baby boys.
11. Discovered a love for Sushi and lastly...
12. Decided to grow out my hair and am sporting a mullet successfully
13. Thoroughly enjoyed Twilight Breaking Dawn pt. 2... Love Edward :)
14. Watching Bronson play Football and now Basketball at BYU
15. Got Bronson hooked to Vampire Diaries and Steve hooked to Duck Dynasty...  amazing shows I DEFINITELY recommend them
My Mains
This year has been an amazing year! But 2013 is definitely going to be even better! I just wanted to thank all my Family and my amazing friends for everything! I really am the luckiest girl in the world. Hope you all have an amazing year. Until Feb 14 when I post about what the doctors have to say, have an amazing January everyone. And be jealous because I'm going to Justin Bieber on Saturday :) Peace and Loves.

Love, Alexis
My KT.. GP&BP Genetically Best Friends

New Years Eve
Tina and I

My Clique
Welcoming 2013 the right way
New Years Eve

Ande and I. Perfect 10. Reppin the Mullet here
Snow For Days
Showing love to a Random Cat. Karma. Cat Gods are on our side.
Fun Nights
Best friends since 1st Grade

My Mei Mei
Sushi :)
Triplets cheering for Bronson! Creighton, Pax, and Weston
Danika and I