Thursday, April 26, 2012

19, 26, 89


So, I'm sure you're wondering what the numbers 19, 26, and 89 stand for... Before I get to them I just want to say how amazing and fun life has been lately! I finished winter semester after a rough 5 days of finals. Finals consisted of 5 days filled with lots of Mt. Dew, lots of water, 8 hours of sleep, 7 tests, some basketball, lots of Bon Iver and Jonsi, and finishing up a root canal. It was such a relief to be done! I started spring semester yesterday with the hopes of graduating in August! That's the goal as of right now so hopefully I can finish everything up in time. I just have 3 classes and my intern so it is possible! I also have been working which is so fun. I really do enjoy working and having a job so I'm glad I'm back working. Its going to be a very busy spring semester between working, school, working out, and my intern but it'll keep me busy which I love. Corb and I have been doing lots of fun stuff like going to Daryl's soccer games, eating food, cooking food, playing basketball, making fires, drawing on Kim and Steph's cars, going to Walmart, just fun stuff! There's pictures at the end of our activities. So, onto these numbers...
19... 19 stands for how many days until Corbin leaves on his mission :( I'm so sad that he's leaving me for 2 years to go serve in Korea but I guess if he wants to do it then I should be a good supportive sister and let him go. We have so much fun I'm going to sad to lose him for 2 years. Bronson is fun don't get me wrong, but Corbin takes fun to a whole new level. Anyways, 19 days until May 16 at 12:30 when he leaves for the MTC. His farewell talk will be May 13 (Mothers Day) at 1:00 if any of you are interested! Love you Corb!

26... This is the day I've been dreading for 3 months. I put off my check up appointment a few weeks so I could get finals over with and have some fun. Well those extra weeks are starting to wind down and I'm now 26 days away from spending a few days up at the Huntsman. Its all part of it though. So for the next 26 days I will be doing anything and everything fun just in case the appointments don't go well. I never know what to expect going into these appointments. So far they've been good though so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 26 days, who wants to do something crazy???

I like to refer to this as "Hell in red liquid form"
Crazy stuff we do...

89... BRONSON COMES HOME!!! My baby brother is finally coming home from his mission! Its been a long 2 years with a lot of changes at the Gypsy Lair here in Provo so I'm so excited for him to come home. New Zealand has been good to him but its time he comes home and is with his family. As of right now he's serving as the Assistant to the Mission President and he is doing a great job! I'm so excited to get him home but I am depressed to be sending Corb off. Bittersweet feeling I guess...

So,  now that you understand the numbers its time to focus on the summer ahead! Seriously this summer is going to be epic I can already feel it. Spring has been amazing already so I can't wait for summer to come around. Utah's weather has been very up and down. One day its 80 degrees then the next its 40, but on those warm days Corbin and I make sure to make the best of them. We lay out, we go to BYU softball games and lay out, we have BBQs, and we have bon fires. We've had 4 bon fires in the past 6 days so we are just on a roll! This summer though will be even better... Here's somethings to be looking forward to...
  • Last weekend of BYU softball games :( 
  • V.V. Enterprises (this is what my friends and I refer to our group as) is going to Las Vegas in 8 days
  • Lots of Basketball Camps in June
  • Steph's Wedding!!!! 
  • Canada Trip
  • Jackson Hole with the Family! 
  • California Trip
  • Potential Lake Powell Trip
  • Bronson Comes home!
  • Potential graduation in August
  • Potential Trip Back East to New York and Jersey (My search for Snooki)
  • My cousin Carly is having a baby boy
  • My other cousin Hillary is having Triplets 
  • Swimming at Aunt Lisa's
  • Quality time in SLC with the family
  • Hiking! I really want to do Mt. Olympus and Timp
  • Lots of BBQs
And I'm sure there are some other crazy things that will happen that I haven't mentioned but I will make sure to keep you all informed. ANYWAYS... I'll let you all know how my appointment goes in 26 days. In the mean time work, school, basketball, and my intern will be consuming my weekdays while my friends consume my weekends. Love you all! We'll be in touch.


Here's some pictures from our recent Spring activities... 


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You forgot "Bon Iver concert in May" haha. I always love checking your blog, jealous of your sweet summer plans.

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