Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So I have a story for you all... Once upon a time I decided to take a shower. After exiting the shower I went to dry my hair and there was hair ALL over my towel. It was everywhere and all over the place. I knew the dreaded day had come, I was beginning to lose my hair. At first I was shocked and scared and was initially irritated. But soon realized the solution to my problems was just around the corner. I decided to Buzz my head :) We called Nurse Debbi and she said it would be a good idea. So I text my team and some friends and told them at 7:00 we would be shaving my hair! I had my friend Hannah and Corbin working the clippers, as well as my friends using scissors to cut it down so we could buzz it. I went from having long hair, to shoulder length hair, to a mullet, mohawk, a rat tail, and now a nice little buzz cut! I love my new hair even though it is still falling out. My favorite thing to do is to rub my head and feel how cool it feels. It was a fun night! I had my old teammate from Timpview Karlee come over as well as my best friend Diane and her husband Ted (this is besides the usual of Hannah, Steph, the team, Aunt Cathy, and John). It was a fun night and such a good way to shave my head :) now its time for bed and chemo. Thanks for following Love you all!

Love, Alexis


Christina Satu said...

Fus you are seriously so gorgeous. I always wished I could be black and shave my head. And then my grandma had an aneurysm and got her head shaved and i jut thought her head was so pretty and it looks so classy. YOU LOOK KILLER. And your attitude is amazing. Keep it up. You're tougher than cancer. Thanks for your wonderful example.

Mary said...

Do you want support? My boys have been waiting for the green light to buzz too. Alright, mullet, you and Matt can swap photos :) You are beautiful, good luck today! Lots of love, The Renchers

Anonymous said...

Hi Alexis,
You look great. I love the new look with the great positive attitude. Hair or no hair, you still are beautiful, umhuh, Miss Kaufusi.
Ofa atu, Vehikite Family :)

sherrie said...

Alexis- don't you think if Mary really wants to show support with the buzz thing that she should buzz HER head? Tell her I said so....(love ya Mary- he he he)