Monday, January 23, 2012


Well its been a while since I've blogged and a lot has happened in the past month... So here's a quick little update on my recent doings this January.
#1... ROCK BAND ... So for Christmas my mother purchased me the most amazing Xbox game ever. Rock Band. I've wanted Rock Band for a while but just never got around to purchasing it. So as a surprise Michelle got it for me. It might've been the best Christmas present ever that a 22 year old could have asked for. I've been trying real hard to focus on school and basketball but sometimes its just so hard especially when I have the greatest game ever waiting for me.

#2... BASKETBALL ... Basketball season is well on its way. We are almost half way through conference play right now. Our overall record is 18-3 and as of today we are ranked 23rd in the nation! This is a huge accomplishment for our team. Its been a fun season thus far and I can't wait for whats left. Last week we were in the lovely L.A. where Grandma Barb (Steph's Grandma) and my dear favorite Melia. It was so much fun to hang out with them after our game against Loyola Marymount. Our basketball trips have been such a joy. They have included lots of Fruit Ninja, Planking, and taking pictures of people sleeping! Such a fun season. Go Cougars!

Fruit Ninja Champion

#3... EL AZTECA ... So if any of you out there are fans of Mexican food I suggest you go to El Azteca. Its the best Mexican food in the state of Utah. Its located in Provo off of Bulldog and University Ave. Michelle's friend Carlos is the owner and he always has a way of making my day with his food. I'd recommend the fish tacos. Tropical is my favorite! And the California burrito. You can't go wrong with either. So after our win again Portland, Steve took us out to dinner at El Azteca. To make the win even better, Carlos made the most heavenly dessert just for my family. It was like a big cinnamon and sugar scone covered with homemade horchata ice cream, whip cream, and drizzled with some caramel. Seriously one of the most divine things that have ever entered my mouth. You need to go check it out!

#4... EMERGENCY ROOT CANAL ... So this weekend hasn't been the greatest weekend as far as my health goes. It was on Friday afternoon my tooth started hurting. The weird thing is it was a tooth that I had gotten a root canal on about a year ago. So I called the dentist but it was a little too late by the time I was done with basketball practice so I just went about my weekend not thinking much about my hurting tooth. Friday came and went, same with Saturday. It wasn't until Sunday that something happened. I had just walked home from speaking to the Primary and thought I'd eat some toast (I had been throwing up all morning) and some sprite. I bit down on the toast to experience probably the worst pain ever. I immediately started crying and screaming. Steve was home and hurried and called my dentist and well, Dr. Leishman is the greatest dentist ever! He took me in on a Sunday night and did an emergency root canal. Turns out my tooth had cracked and the infection had worked its way into my tooth where my root canal a year ago had taken place. So Doc drilled in, re did a root canal, put a temporary crown on, and sent me on my way. Next week I'll be seeing an endontist to finish it off and hopefully the tooth aches and pain will go away! So this all happened Sunday night...

(Original Root Canal Last Year)

Post Root Canal. Yay for Lortab!

#5... STOMACH BIOPSY ... Lastly was today's event. I had a stomach biopsy. It has by far been the easiest procedure yet! It was really simple. They knocked me out, looked around, took some of the inside out, and then I woke up and headed home. The Doc said the upper part of my stomach looked fine, but it was the bottom part that wasn't quite right. It is inflamed and very red so thats the part thats being double checked right now. I go back in on February 7th to meet with my cancer doctors and do the regular CT scans, PET scans, blood work, and on and on. Hopefully I get good results just like last time. Its amazing how fast the days go by and its time to go back into the world of cancer. But its just part of life and hopefully I can get a good report all over again.

Post-Op Activities...

Anyways, thats about it. Its been a crazy weekend! I'm now getting ready to leave for Seattle in the morning for basketball then again to Santa Clara over the weekend. The semester is going so fast right now its crazy. Anyways I love you all! I'll keep you all informed when I find out more and more. Thanks for all your love and prayers.


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sherrie said...

Here's to hoping its all the Mexican food and giant scone that has your stomach inflamed. :)