Saturday, March 12, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

Jordan, Me, Steph, and Corbin having a Party!

Hello Everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I've updated but here is the update on Las Vegas. Its been a great trip so far. Although we lost today to Utah to a last second shot, it was a great game. We fought hard but you can't win them all right? Love my team and I am so grateful I got to come down and watch them play! I'm expecting us to go to the NCAA Tournament but we won't know until Monday. After the Women's game we went and watched the Men play aka Jimmer Time! He is amazing and I got to witness his 52 point game it was such a good time. I was pretty exhausted after the games so came back to the hotel and napped. I've found on days when I don't get one or two naps in I am just dead tired so I took a well needed nap. Corbin, Steph Vermunt, and I walked around the "Strip" for a little then I thought of the idea of a bubble party. We went back to our room and filled our tub up with water then about 8 inches of bubbles! It was so much fun we thought we would invite some more friends and we had a bubble party. Corbin, Steph, Jordan, and I enjoyed the bubble party while Bailey and Tyler just watched the fun. This has been such a fun trip! It will probably be my last trip for a while so it was nice to get a break from Provo and be a normal college student for a few days. Tomorrow we are going to watch Utah and TCU play for the Championship game at 12 then we will return to Provo. This was such a fun trip thank you everyone who made it possible! I love you all and thank you everyone for the prayers! Great game ladies I love you and miss playing ball with you girls everyday!


Ps... I left my camera in the car so these are pictures from the bubble party I'll post the other pictures tomorrow night!

Stephy in the BUBBLES

Corby and I... and 8 inches of bubbles


Steve Kaufusi said...

Make sure you kids clean up after! Dad

maxfamclan said...

What a great idea!!! You really know how to make your own fun. Love it!

kellie said...

awesome photos! glad you got to have a fun trip. :)