Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thoughtful Gestures...

Even 50 miles away there are friends hanging ribbons around their yards to show their support Alexis. These are neighbors that haven't lived next door for 8 years, but they remember Alexis & her family. They remember what a special group they are. And like many of us, they are searching for something to do. Something to show Alexis that she is not alone, that there is always someone thinking of her. What a lovely demonstration of support.

And 11,389 kilometers or 7,077 miles away there is a missionary who is also looking for some way to show Alexis his love for her. He has prayed & fasted for her, he has written emails, he checks the blog. But he is also looking for anything and everything PURPLE! He has even said that he has worn the same purple tie for days in a row, just because he only has one. His letter this week said: " Last P-day I spent "purplizing" everything I own. Today I'm on the hunt for more purple stuff! I know I'll find some more purple things for me to have!" His treasure hunting has paid off. Here he is sporting some of his new purple gear.

He also took time this week to carve AK10 into his bike. So every mile he bikes and every kilometer he walks he sports his purple pride to show his dedication to a sister fighting a battle miles away.

Today I reflected on the overwhelming feeling that it is so hard sometimes to watch and not be able to bear more of the burden of this trial. We just want to help. There are so many of you out there writing cards, taking gifts, and helping the Kaufusi family & Alexis in your own way. Every action is a reminder of how loved and supported Alexis is. Thank you.


Jen said...

What a great way for him to show his support. Feeling the love the world over! :0)

amy said...

What a cute kid Bronson! I think we've all begun the purple search. I can't believe you found foot pegs!

6 P's in a Pod said...

I miss Bronny. He's such a stud!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Bronson to find purple pedals!! I love it!! Sure miss you Bronson, but glad you are doing what you are doing... your faith can move a mountain, or at least make your sister better!!
Love Lizzy

kellie said...

what an awesome missionary and brother! and family! :)

Anonymous said...

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