Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sister's Luncheon

Since I started chemo and can't really do the public thing I spent my final day with some of my favorite people! My mom, sister, my two aunts, and my cousins. Basically all the girls on my Gypsy's side of the family gather and we have lunch and we exchange gifts and just talk. Its so much fun! So yesterday Thea (Hillary's little girl who is 5) and I exchanged gifts. I traded her a dolphin pillow pet in exchange for some lovely cards and bracelets. It was probably the best trade I've ever made in my life! It was also Aunt Cathy's birthday so it was fun to celebrate her birthday with all of us gathered. My cousin Mitchell (Lisa's son) is the manager of the Fat Cats in Provo so he was there as well. He gave me my first purple bowling ball! It such a fun day to be able to just hang out with all my family, well the girls, and to see everyone. Loved it! Also, Happy Birthday Aunt Cathy! Thanks for hanging girlys!

Myself and Tiffany... Quality Picture

The Cousins
My Thea girl and her new Dolphin Pillow Pet :)
Mitch and I... AND my new Bowling Ball

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