Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chemo #2

My Gypsy and Alex! He's my favorite.

My Brother Loves Me :)

Laying in Bed

Meeting with the Doctors

Daryl and Corbin came along

Loved hanging with Ande

Today chemo has been quite better than before. Instead of taking 9.5 hours today has only taken 5 hours so far and I am about 30 minutes away from being done. I've had a lot of visitors which was fun. My good friend Ande Miller came over and made me an amazing as well as a new "hope" bracelet and a CD, which I will now wear with my AK10 bracelet. My cousin Hillary came and brought her two little girls. I'm sad I couldn't see them :( My aunt Lisa and my other cousin Tiffany also came to visit. It was fun to have so many different people come see me. Corbin and Daryl were also able to come which was fun. I loved having everyone there. I have felt so much better today! They gave me really strong nausea medication that has made a huge difference. I was so worried about his Chemo since the first one was so bad, but honestly this chemo wasn't even all bad!
Aunt Lisa and Tiffany also picked out a hat for me. All around the Huntsman they have cases of knit hats for the patients to take. My hat was made by a lady named Marcia. Her daughter was being treated for breast cancer and she wanted to somehow make a contribution. She makes hats for the Huntsman and now I get to keep one and take it home.
I had a lot of fun and hopefully I keep feeling good. First WNIT game tonight, good luck tonight ladies I will be there! Love you all!


Tiffany and Aunt Lisa

Nap Time

#10 For Life :)

Kisses from Gypsy

My new Hat


JulieJ said...

Freakin love the hat!!!

amy said...

I'm so glad it was better than last time Alexis! We're praying for you and wearing purple bands!

Anonymous said...


Love the hat and you look beautiful with hat and all. Love your helpers and mom. Good to know you are feeling better with this chemo, keep going, great job.
Ofa atu, Vehikite Family.

Cindy said...

Thinking of you, brave Alexis! You are in our prayers. When life throws you a curve ball, you sure know how to hit it! Thanks for posting your life experiences.
We all love ya!
The Purple-banded Peatross Family

Anonymous said...

You have grown from a much-loved sixth grader to a courageous young woman. We still remember times spent together with fond memories. Your positive attitude and the love of others will help you through this time of challenge. You had our love long ago and always will, Mrs. Cook William Penn

Jane Anne said...

Go Fusi! You are beautiful! Love you girl

Steph Vermunt said...

I love that hat my dear! I think it's way cute... almost as cute as you!! Love ya.

Big Daddy said...

You melt my heart! Love you even more!

Big Daddy said...

A day to remember! Lisa,Tiffany and Ande...Thanks for making her day so special! Had to work, but you made her trip up to SLC less painful for all of us.