Sunday, March 20, 2011

Great Day

Starting Lineup vs Utah State on Saturday
Riley and her stitches

Jason, Tenille, and their kids Taliana, Ammon, and Malia

Saturday was a great day! First I'd like to thank Corbin for blogging... isn't he just the cutest thing? Made me cry! Anyways, Saturday was a fun day. I think I over did it though because later that night I was sick but it was worth it! I spent my morning at shoot around and breakfast with my team. Nothing better than hanging with the team before a game. They've been so nice to just let me come around when i'm feeling up to it and still feel a part of the team. After shoot around I had to get a new screen cover for my new phone... We all know how I manage to break my cell phones like its my day job. I got ready, did my hair, SIKE! I did get ready though and went to watch my team play. We beat Utah State in the WNIT 102-63. My dear friend Kim Parker (aka Kimmer) scored 19 points! and Steph Vermunt (aka Stephy my Canadian) scored the 100th point as we beat Utah State! It was intense Riley (Kristen Riley) had to get stitches after taking an elbow to the eye lid. It was just a really intense game to say the least. I loved it though!! It's always fun to score 100 pts as well. After the game my Uncle Jason and his wife Tenille came down and brought me a blanket and their 3 kids to visit. Always a delight to have little kids running around they make me so happy. I got a call from my former Metro Teammate and coaching partner Halie Sawyer (also played at Utah) and was able to see her and her sister (also my friend) Jenna. It was just a fun night of visitors. Ended up watching a movie with Hannah until I started to feel a little sick. I might have over done it, but it was so worth it! I love hanging out with my team, family, and my friends. Thank you to everyone for making my Saturday perfect! I love you all. I'm posting a picture of my buzzed head hoping Elder Bronson Kaufusi can get a good look at his sister. Love you Bronson!! Thank you again everyone.


Last season, Halie and I laughing as we guarded each other, love this picture

My first and only 3 pointer... EVER! 1-1 on the season... that's 100% :)

This picture is for you Elder Kaufusi! Hope you like my buzz :)


Kim said...

YOU, my dear, are such a BEAUTY!!! Love you amigo :)

maxfamclan said...

What a great day for the memory books! Glad you recorded it! Take it easy today.

Anonymous said...


Heather Myers said...

Alexis! Very few girls could shave their heads and still manage to look are definitely one of them!! Seriously you sport the buzz so dang well. You are simply amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Your just beautiful, hair or no hair. You are gorgeous regardless of minus some hair. We just love you. I always look forward to reading your blog everyday to make sure I don't miss a thing. Thank you for always keeping us updated.

ofa atu, Vehikite :)

6 P's in a Pod said...

I desperately want to know what you and Halie were laughing about in that picture.