Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update: Feb 22nd

Another day, another test. This is the good news and the bad. With every test Alexis gets closer to starting her fight, which is what she is all geared up for.

Alexis checked in to the hospital for her second surgery this afternoon. The surgery was less then 2 hrs, and everything went as planned (even though her doctor was a University of Utah fan). She had a second lymph node removed for biopsy and the port placed that gives the doctors and staff access to her carotid artery for treatments, medications and other things.

Alexis and Michelle getting prepped

The scar from the where the second lymph node was removed for the biopsy

"The Port"

Chillin' Out, Relaxin' and doin' her thing. That smile is so contagious!

Alexis is at home trying to rest, but she is feeling some pain from the port. The doctors say this is expected and have tried to prepare her to handle it. She says that MolcaSalsa seems to help the most, so I'm sure we now all know what midnight snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be!


Cheri said...

Hi Alexis! I was thinking about you today (and your mom, dad & family) and just wanted you to know that we love you and are cheering for you too. Like I told your mom, if anyone can "kick" cancer -- it's a Kaufusi!
Love you,

sherrie said...

Hey Michelle - that pic of you and Alexis pulls at my heart -we are thinking and praying for you just as we are for Alexis.
Boxx fam