Friday, February 18, 2011

A Good Night Out...

Tonight Alexis ventured out to Corbin's Senior Night with the Timpview Basketball Team. She cheered Corbin on while he showed off his talent, took time to play with all the kids, gave out lots of hugs, and made sure to capture a few moments on camera.

Alexis with her cousins...actually her cousins kids, so what are they technically?

Steph, Alexis & Corbin celebrating a good Rival win

Alexis and her "little" brother...she's done such a good job with him!

At this point Alexis knows that there is a day on the horizon when she will no longer be able to venture out into these types of crowds. Her immune system will not be able to handle all the things we each carry around and spread around. It was a great night to be out and feel the thrill of victory, accomplishment, friendship, and love. Good memories are invaluable.

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Anonymous said...

WEll here we go, amazing job on the blog Hilly and it has been so much fun to see your darling family. can't wait to see everyone on the 2nd for our big bash for my 29th birthday party wow! Love ya