Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rivalries Aside

If you have spent any time on the University of Utah's campus or BYU's campus you have probably gotten a feel for the intensity of this rivalry. Through every sport it draws larger then normal crowds and people who show up early for the game(s).

Saturday at the Utah vs. BYU Women's basketball game it was no exception. However, the University of Utah Utes surprised all (and brought more then one tear to onlookers) by coming out to warm up in purple t-shirts with the jersey number of Alexis printed on the back and "Hope Fight" on the front. You felt the unity flow through the arena as the girls hugged Alexis and reached across those competitive boundaries to show support and love from one girl to another. A reminder of how much a trial can unite loved ones and associates alike, because everyone understands tough times on some level.
Chelsea Bridgewater posed with Alexis to help commemorate this unforgettable moment.


Brian said...

Great story and thanks for sharing. Our family wishes you the best - your family amazes us and we admire you greatly!

The Boxx Family

amy said...

That's what friends are for! We love you Alexis!

Anonymous said...

you guys are great friends amy!!! love you and your team!!

Glitzy Glass said...

My husband coaches at BYU with your dad. Your mom is great. We pray for the best. Bless you and your family.