Friday, February 11, 2011

Update: Feb 10th

Alexis & her parents spent all day Thursday at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. She is being seen by a lymphoma specialists, Dr. Martha Glenn, (Why is this unique? Because her great-grandparents were Glenn & Martha Kenner). She had 6 procedures done in preparation for her chemotherapy treatments to begin early next week. At this point she will plan to have 12 chemotherapy treatments. Also next week Alexis is going up to The Huntsman Cancer Institute for a P.E.T. body scan. And then next Friday she will be having surgery to put a "port" into her neck that will attach to her carotid artery.

She is still in love her homeless cat she brought home.

Also, Alexis got to call New Zealand and talk to Bronson in order to update him on all the goings on. He said she can have ALL of his bone marrow. There were a lot of tears shed.

More updates to follow as test and procedures move forward. On Saturday Alexis will be up in Salt Lake to support her basketball team at the Huntsman center as they play against Utah.


kahili and brooke said...

love you fus!!!

Mary Martha said...

Wow! I'm so sorry dear. Stay strong. You seem to have such a great attitude. We will pray for you and stay tuned for your good news. The cat is so cute too. Such a blessing to have such a supportive family.

Rachel Lund said...

Wow--this blog turned out is perfect! Great job! Alexis we love you and think these little battle scars you will get are just a reminder of how strong you are! We are cheering for you!

Eric Lund said...

We love you and your amazing family. Our prayers are with you daily.
-The Lund Family

Lu said...

You don't know me at all. We are your new neighbors down the street. But we really love and adore your family. We are including you and yours in our family prayers and we will continue to do so. Stay strong and keep fighting! :-)