Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Gift For All!

A wonderful neighbor and friend, Eva Fisher, dropped off a great gift for both Alexis and all of us. Since Chemotherapy will be starting next week, it will become even more important to limit the germs inside the Kaufusi home. Also, it will be important for Alexis to sleep whenever she can to help her body be able to fight this cancer and heal. Well, this neighbor and friend had a phenomenal idea! She made a "mailbox" so that if you stop by and want to drop off something for Alexis and/or her family, you can! You don't have to worry if anyone is home, or if you will wake up the patient, or if the timing is just not right.

She also gave a cute white board that the Kaufusi's can fill out so you know when Alexis might be up for visitors. What an adorable and useful gift that helps everyone in this process express their love and also helps Kaufusi's as they head into this next chapter. Thank you!

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amy said...

Great idea Eva!