Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gettin' Wiggy with It!

Today was the day Alexis went to try on wigs. Her doctors asked her if she had something lined up yet when her hair fell out, and aunt Lisa helped line up an appointment at a wig salon that helped Grandma Garrick. She remembered how much easier it was to match color before the hair fell out, so she took time out to schedule a small outing.

The first step, trying to hide all the beautiful hair Alexis still has
(that is a wig on the right, not Alexis hair, I didn't notice it's bad placement until too late, oops)

Next came trying on some different styles and colors.
I think this was fun, all the hair you have ever wanted to try.
She just switched out the wigs and teased them a little, and "Ta-Da!" A new you.
One lesson of the day: you need bangs on a wig

Curly with sweeping bangs

A Blown dry look with a round brush, shorter bangs

Layers and big curls

But the winner of the day, and the most similar to her current style (although it will be colored lighter so it is closer to her natural hair color when she gets it next week) is... The Jade!
Yep, each wig has a name.

Align Center

Family who was gettin' wiggy with Alexis

But let's just take a moment to remember how beautiful Alexis hair is today. Her real hair.

(she debated whether to get a wig with a fountain to match Ella's, but we assured her she could grow her own after chemotherapy was over)

I can only imagine what a hard thing that would be to lose your hair. Be assured Alexis, your smile will still shine and you will still be beautiful. Sometimes the scars of living our lives don't feel so beautiful, but in the end they are what make us who we are. They are what helps us remember the road we have traveled. Everyone has these scars, some of us have scars that are more easily seen. But no matter how life marks us up, the light we emit cannot be dimmed. This light beautifies us from the inside out.


Stepher said...

Thanks for sharing your "wig out" day with us, Fusi, you are beautiful in any hair and will be with no hair as well. Have several friends that have faught your same battle, they are all doing amazing and even cooler hair grows back, maybe because it is so apprecaited. Much love sweet girl.

sherrie said...

Love the choice! Makes me want to get the same one for myself - I hate doing my hair.