Monday, February 21, 2011

Quarantine, So it Begins

Sunday was Alexis' first day of home confinement. Her doctors have instructed her that she has officially had her last day of church. They are starting to limit her outings (and also her visitors) in order to keep her healthy. So with her first day home Alexis spent some time on You Tube (of course!), watching Mormon Video Clips with Porsche. Hmmmm, I suppose there are more resources then just the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast, devotional re-runs, and that sacrament meeting on TV now-a-days. I think that is good thing.

Yesterday another letter from Bronson also arrived, and he challenged Alexis to read the Book of Mormon with all her new down time. He then added, "read it and finish it." A true missionary at heart in every situation.

Corbin will also play a big part in this quarantine. He will be given the responsibility to give the sacrament to Alexis each week. What a great missionary prep experience. But Alexis laughed when I said he could help feed her spiritually each week. I wonder why?

Perhaps Sundays will be a day of rest amid the chaos of doctors visits and the roller coaster ride of this disease. It is a day when Alexis knows no new news will come in, and no new information will be collected (we hope). A day when the world gathers with their families (regardless of religious views) and takes time to renew those relationships and remind one another why they love being a family.

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Emily said...

netflix online! alexis, if you haven't sat down and watched LOST, i suppose now is the time to do so :)
or read all of the harry potter books? twilight books? i guess reading and finishing the BoM is a good idea too! we miss you and you are in our prayers!!!