Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Return of the Gypsy! and Some...

So after 4 long days the Gypsy Mother finally returned!! It was so fun to go up to the airport and to pick her up and just to have her back. Already the house seems cleaner! No but I'm so happy she's back. We already have planned out our days and all the things we have to do since she's been gone. I'm so happy she's home, and the best part is she came bearing gifts. I not only got a new shirt but I also got new nail polish (which is being put to use immediately) as well as 5 loaves of sour dough bread. I never was a sour dough bread person but Hannah converted me. Not only was today a good day because the Gypsy returned, but also my dear friends Bre and Kara came for a visit. We had so fun today playing Dance Central, Kinect Sports, and Guitar Hero. If anyone knows me, you know I love Guitar Hero! Back in the day I used to have some pretty amazing skills but I am a little rusty. I was feeling confident in myself, till Bre came along and beat me. But thats ok if I'm going to lose to someone I'm glad its her! Bre is the bit size version of me so I'll let it slide this once. Today was a good day after a rough weekend!

My Monday

On Sunday my good friend Michael Alisa came over for a visit. Michael has been one of my best friends since high school and I always have so much fun with him! He was crazy enough to want to shave his head and even had me do it... Well most of it. Steve helped me clean it up but it was so fun. After I shaved his head we just hung out, ate some good BBQ, and watched one of my favorite movies of all time The Notebook. Michael is such a great friend and I'm so happy he comes over from time to time for a visit. Not to mention he shaved his head! He's a great friend to have!

Michael and I... Now and back in our Timpview Days!

Well this weekend was rough but today was for the most part a good day. Chemo #4 is coming up just around the corner. Can't believe its already time for the madness again! I almost forgot! To make today even a better day, I received a package today from Bronson :) He sent me a green stone necklace. I guess these green stone necklaces are a big deal in New Zealand. Its my new favorite necklace. He also sent a tape recording of him talking. I miss my brother so much!! But he'll be home soon and by then I'll be healthy and ready to play him in basketball and keep up with him. Thanks everyone for the support! Love you guys!



Anonymous said...

I love reading your post and seeing your ups, downs and your many wonderful visitors and supporters. I love your mom, she is the greatest. Ofa lahi atu!!! :)Vehikite

maxfamclan said...

What a fantastic day!