Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good Ending to a Rough Day!

Me, Doug, Elsie, Bella, Amy, and Karson

Karson (Mini Bronson), Bella, and Me!

Loving the Treats! Bella's face is the best!

Hello Everyone! So today was a rough day. The worst day yet, I wont lie. I spent most the day in bed sick not being able to keep anything in my stomach! I was so weak it was the craziest thing. I tried walking to the kitchen and didn't have the strength to hold myself up and fell. Thank goodness Michelle was home to help me back into bed. We decided I needed some fresh air so I went to the second half of Daryl's soccer game. Walking 20 yards from the car to the field about killed me! I have never felt this kind of fatigue in my whole life it was so weird. After the game I went home and laid down. Finally, Hannah brought me some L&Ls... Something about rice and chicken calmed my stomach right down. It was nice to be able to take my pills and to start to feel good finally. Thank goodness I started to get some energy since my Uncle Doug and his wife Amy and their 3 kids came to visit. It was so fun! I shot some hoops with Karson. I haven't shot hoops in weeks! Bella and Karson showed me some of their dance moves, and it was so fun to hang out with them. They made me so happy. Even though this morning and afternoon I was beyond sick, I wont lie haha. Karson was even sporting an Ed Hardy shirt! And everyone knows I love Ed Hardy shirts. But now that its night and I have some meds in my system I'm feeling much better and can actually walk from my room to the kitchen without falling down. Thank you everyone for your prayers! And thank you Doug and Amy for coming down and bringing your kids. It made my day! Be excited for tomorrow! I'll post about my new diet :) Love you all have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

I Love You Karson, Bella and Elsie! Thank you for visiting our home and bringing sunshine to Alexis!
Uncle Steve

sherrie said...

Darn it! So sorry to hear it was a bad day - that has to mean the chemo is really working hard and getting rid of the bad stuff , right? Right! Always thinking of you guys! Hope today was better. Boxxes

Anonymous said...

Karson is the man! Sweet as! Its mini me! Thank you for making Alexis's day brighter! -Elder Kaufusi