Friday, April 15, 2011

Words from the Heart

One Sunday, Alexis shared a written testimony with her ward in Relief Society. Now we are all blessed to be able to read it, and feel it. It is a marvelous blessing, I know for me, for Alexis to share her strength and her innermost feelings with those of us that are standing by, amazed by her strength. With Easter so close it is a wonderful thing to be reminded that the Atonement is also for our burdens, thank you Alexis.

Jeanne Muir lead into it reading this by talking about how we receive blessings when we keep the word of wisdom but that doesn’t mean that we won’t have trouble with our bodies. These are the words that Alexis has been kind enough to share:

From a young age my life has been dependent on my body to complete not only the daily activities, but also the activities that make me as a person. Basketball has always been a part of my life and always will be. Keeping the word of wisdom has helped me to be able to "run and not be weary... walk and not faint" because I take care of my body and try to treat my body as something of value to me. When my body isn't feeling good or something isn't working quite right I always notice!

Being raised in a strong Mormon culture and strong family has also helped me to understand the blessings of obeying the word of wisdom. By keeping the word of wisdom not only have I been blessed with a strong body, but my brothers and sister and even my parents have been blessed with strong bodies. Bodies that like to work hard and that can take a hit every now and then when we're on the court or field. Even the trials in our lives are blessings. Sports injuries seem to be a huge trial in the life of the Kaufusi Family. But we always over come them stronger than before and more ready and focused.

Recently my trial isn't a sprained ankle or a blown out knee, my new trial is cancer. It was hard to be to believe that at such a young age I could have cancer. That my body was dying at 21 and I had no idea. My journey with cancer can be seen as another trial to mark up on the list of trials myself as well as my family has been given, but this is no trial. Cancer has been a blessing in my life and no one really understands that better than me. Since my diagnosis, I have been able to bring my family closer to me. I have been able to bring friends in who I never see. I have been able to see the value of life so much better than before. And that there's more to life than making my free throws and getting an A on my final exams. I have been blessed with this journey called "Non Hodgkins Large Diffused B Cell Lymphoma"
to help me realize what I need to change, what I need to do to become a better person. And this journey is making me stop, think, and look around at the beauty that is around me. It's truly been a blessing.

It's also brought me closer to ward members and neighbors. As I fight I want to thank everyone for all their kindness and their support. Thank you for your love and prayers, they mean the world to me and I know they are working. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for a few things.
1. For the journey of cancer and for what I am learning from it
2. I thank Him for such loving kind ward members who are making this easy. And lastly,
3. I thank Heavenly Father Bronson is on a mission during this time. He is far to sensitive and emotional for the cancer world.

The blessings of obeying the word of wisdom are there. We just need to humble ourselves and look for them.


Steph Vermunt said...

I love you so much, Fus! Your testimony is astounding and you set such an incredible example for me to follow!! Keep fighting!!

Kim said...

Amigo, you truly are my hero!!.. seriously. Your example of optimism and determination through all of this is absolutley amazing to me. Your testimony was so wonderful and sincere Fus, thank you so much for sharing! Love you MUCHO girl :) AK10 Forever

Elaine Bergeson said...

Love you and pray for you all of the time. Thanks for sharing your view of the trial you are in as that helps me as I always have some naughty bacteria bothering me. Sis.Bergeson

Chad Bowen said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm crying, I love you! -Elder Kaufusi

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your testimony. It has strangthen and uplifted mines. Thank you for the beauty you have share with us. May we learn from your examples of love, beauty, streangh, hope and faith.
Ofa lahi atu, Vehikite

Marie said...

Fus, you are AMAZING!

6 P's in a Pod said...

Nobody could say it better...