Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fun During Finals!

So this week is finals week at BYU. Since I'm enrolled and have been trying to finish up the semester I am not exempt to Finals Week, cancer and all! Ridiculous I know! Just kidding I am just like all the other students at BYU and need to finish up the semester. I have one final done and have two more so hopefully I'll be done come Thursday. Even though its finals week, its also my week off from chemo! And we all know that means I feel good and start to get my strength back. So to celebrate feeling good I thought I'd have some fun.

Sunday night I felt good finally and decided to start a new tradition. I stole the idea from my neighbor Nikki Pinegar. I have no renamed Sunday as "White Trash Sunday." Steph and I dressed up, a little on the gross side, set up lawn chairs and sat in the front yard. Nikki does this as well so I thought I would follow her lead. I even went the extra mile and found Corbin's dress up mullet wig. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon spend drinking orange soda, listening to country music, and talking with the Megan and JC.

On Monday I was able to go out to the Harley Davidson store and visit my dear friend Trini Ercanbrack. Like my father, I really like Harley bikes. My personal favorite is the Fat Boy and if I had my way I would get one, but the Gypsy would never allow that. Anyways, I went to see Trini and had such a great day! I even got to see my friend Bryn Bateman who I didn't even know worked out at the store. It was so fun to get lunch and to just catch up. Trini and Bryn even hooked me up with some new hats and a Harley Davidson t-shirt. After spending a good hour or two there, I decided I might need to go once a week to eat at Marleys and to hang out with Trini and Bryn. Thanks for a great Monday!

Today was Tuesday and I spent my morning doing my first final! So glad I did it though and got it done. Like I said earlier, one down and two to go. After I finished my final I went down to a team meeting. I love team meetings because its so nice to see my team!! I love them and miss not seeing them everyday. I even miss our 2 hour basketball practices five days a week! After the meeting I spent my day hanging out with Kim and Hannah. While sitting on the couch a magnificent idea popped into my head, why not go to Heber, go to the Dairy Keen, get a Banana Cream Pie milkshake (best milkshake ever), and visit the Parker Family all in one night! So, we did just that. We even got to see Hannah's brother Boz and his family while they are in town for Hannah's graduation and are staying in Heber. To make the trip even more fun, we took Bronson with us. Bronson loves the Parker family and I just knew Vicki would love to see life size Bronson in their front room. After hanging out with Lindsey, Vicki, and Cody we left and headed back to Provo. And we left with my favorite, a Banana Cream Pie made by Miss Vicki! It was just a Banana Cream Pie night I guess.

After returning home, I had the best intentions of saving my pie for Wednesday morning breakfast. But my excitement got the best of me, and I ate the pie tonight along with Kim, Hannah, and the Gypsy. For being finals week I sure have had a lot of fun! So happy its my week off and I get to enjoy my time finishing up school, and spending time with Hannah since she graduates and moves back to Fresno on Sunday. Wish me luck as I take final #2 tomorrow! Love you all and thanks for the support!



Anonymous said...


Good luck with your finals. Hapy to see you are having a fun time. Its always good to read when you are feeling well. We love you and thank you for always posting to keep us all udated. Good luck. Go Alexis.
Ofa lahi atu, Vehikite

Anonymous said...

Alexis your so funny!:)Love,KPS

sherrie said...

Next time I'll join you and Niki - and I'll bring the baked beans.

I can't believe you're trying to take finals right now - amaizing.

Aldo, banana milkshakes are my favorite treat....I may have to take a trip to get myself one of those.

JulieJ said...

What do you mean you mean it was a little on the gross side? That's "Sunday Best" where I come from!