Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun Weekend! Now Time To Get Serious...

This past weekend has been a blast in a glass! It all started with a fun day at Rock Canyon park. The snow run off always melts into Rock Canyon park and makes a nice little river that runs through the park. It was such a beautiful day so Kim, Steph, Daryl, and I decided it would be fun to go to the park and play soccer and play in the water. Although the water was beyond freezing I now know where I will be taking my ice baths for the rest of the summer!

I got to see my friends Jill, Janni, and Chelsea. We went to eat at Rumbi and hung out. I love seeing my friends who I don't get to see a lot its always nice to see new faces since I don't get out as much as I used to. Love you Guys!

This past Thursday was little Corbin's graduation from Timpview High School! I'm so proud of him! Not only did he graduate but the Gypsy spoke at the graduation. She did an amazing job as she always does. The greatest part was the flash mob that took place at the end of the graduation. It was so cool and literally every senior knew the dance. I'm so proud of Corbin for graduating and for him to start classes at BYU in the fall with me.

That night was the senior all night party. The Gypsy needed some help so Kim and Steph and I decided we would help chaperone the party. We took our job very seriously for the first 45 minutes but then it turned into our own little party within the real party. Corbin was in an eating contest and even though he lost it was fun to watch. The best part of the party was the food! They had J-Dawgs, Maglebys Fresh French Toast, and some amazing Desserts. And we all know how much I love food :)
To end the fun my cousin Kylie was in the Miss Orem Pageant. She did a phenomenal job! She didn't end up being Miss Orem but she did a great job. I've been to a few of these pageants before to watch my other cousin Carly compete and they're always so fun to see all the pretty dresses and talents. Great job Kylie I'm so proud of you! You were the most beautiful girl up there!
Although this week has been so fun, it has to come to an end. Wednesday is the big day where I will be getting my PET scan to see how active the cancer is throughout my body. Last time I did the whole PET scan thing it took 7 hours since I can't hold still for more than 5 seconds but I'm going to try hard to hold still the whole time. After the PET scan, I will meet with Dr. Glenn and a few other of my doctors to decide what the next plan of action is based off the results of the PET scan. This meeting is huge and I can't wait to see what we decide to do. The last part of this stressful week will be the sleepless EEG which will take place on Friday. Its a good thing I'm quite the night owl so this will be a piece of cake staying up all night.

Lastly, the exciting news for the day... since I have ended Chemo, my hair is growing back! The best part is that its not only coming in brown, but a lot of it is coming in blonde. Its so fun to watch and its growing so fast I love it, I think. I really liked my bald head but the Gypsy is excited for the new hair. I'll keep you all updated on how this next week goes with the tests. But until Wednesday comes, the fun will continue! This includes swimming at Aunt Lisa's tomorrow, going to Heber to go eat at the Dairy Keen and visit the Parkers, working out with my team, playing pick up basketball, and of course tormenting my poor Gypsy Mother. And I almost forgot, hanging out with my friend Mikell who helped me out with today's blog. Sometimes my creativity runs a little low so I need a second imagination to help me out. Have a fun and safe memorial weekend everyone!



maxfamclan said...

What a great weekend! We miss seeing you, but are so happy to see you smiling as always. Thanks for the update! June is almost here!!!!

Cindy said...

I don't think that I could even attempt to keep up with you. It is wonderful to see you being able have fun doing the things that you love.
Every week the little Sunbeams in my Primary class remind each other to pray for you in our class prayer. If someone hasn't mentioned you in the prayer yet, then the other kids will speak out during the prayer, "Don't forget Alexis Kaufusi!"--you are loved! We all wish for good news from your PET scan.

6 P's in a Pod said...

This is the best post yet! Smiles all the way through.

PAUU said...

Such wonderful news...hope you come by and see us here in Cali..Anaheim...My name is Tupou Pauu formerly Tupou Hopoate...your dads side of the fambam from Fuamotu...Hopefully my son will become a future Cougar in the near future...praying really hard!!!...On one of his many recruiting trips your dad saw him at school coming out of class one time and Butch came home and said, "Uncle Steve was at school today"
Me: "how was it?"
Butch: "ok"
Me: "what did he say?"
Butch: "how are you?" "how's your parents?" "How's your brother and sister's? How's school?"
Me: "and"
Butch: "Mom he only talks uncle stuff..." lol

I promise if you come by I'll be more creative and not talk "aunty" stuff :)