Sunday, May 22, 2011

Filled with Gratitude

Hey everyone! Life being done with chemo has been amazing times 10! Its so nice being a normal person again and not feeling sick. This past week a lot has happened though.

1. While Steve was driving home the other day he saw some little girls holding up a sign that said "Alexis Kaufusi Fundraiser." He pulled over and saw our neighbors the Stillwell family selling their Le Petit Macarons. I had never had a Macaron before but they are amazing! They were so kind and brought over the money they had made. Sister Stillwell has already brought my family dinner and now she's selling her Macarons and giving me the money she made. She's so kind! If you're interested theres a blogs for the Let Petit Macarons. These are the best Macarons ever! I definitely recommend them.

2. On Saturday my Aunt Gina was so kind to do a "Dancers against Cancer" fundraiser. She owns a dance studio in American Fork called Progressions and throughout the day there was a bake sale, massages, free dance and zumba classes, and mini recital. Her company is getting ready to go to Disneyland for a competition and I was able to see the dances they will be performing. It was also fun because I got to see 5 of my cousin perform (Kylie, Chloe, Kiefer, Kenner, and Olivia). It was so amazing! I never appreciated the sport of dance until I met Hannah my best friend but now that I know about dance I am absolutely fascinated by it! One of the dancers Maci made me a lipstick bank that people could put money in when they came to the studio. It was a fun day spent out at Progressions with my Aunt Gina, her family, and her studio. The amount of support and love from people who didn't even know me was overwhelming.

3. My cousin Kylie is running for Miss Orem! She chose Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma as her platform and she will be competing next Saturday May 28 at Orem High School. She showed me the dance she is performing and its an amazing dance! Can't wait to go Saturday and watch her perform and compete for Miss Orem. Good luck Kylie!

4. Saturday night was the National Championship Rugby Game! It was a fun game we had a group of about 16 people to go watch the cougars. We ended up losing 14-21 but it was so much fun! After the game we went and ate at Chipotle, one of my favorites. Lastly we came back to the Gypsy Lair and had a mini dance party and just hung out.

5. Lastly, the bad news. Lately things have been going so good! So naturally something bad needs to happen. On Tuesday the Huntsman called and said this week I will be doing chemo again. This time though they will be doing it directly into my spine. Should be a good time right? Why not! Anyways hopefully it won't be too bad I'll make sure to let you all know :)

Sorry this is such a long post but I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Coming up is Memorial weekend and I cannot wait! Memorial weekend = Swimming at Aunt Lisa's which is one of my favorite things to do ever. I'll keep you guys informed on the news after Tuesday but don't fret, I'll be just fine! Thanks for the love and support.


PS... You can also follow me on Twitter @AlexisKaufusi. Also, if you're ever looking for a good laugh, go to and watch Corbin! He plays AJ and he is quite hilarious!


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Anonymous said...


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PAUU said...

You make my day everyday...thanks for always inspiring me to continue forth no matter what the challenge...