Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Happy Ending...

So last week Alexis could be spotted wearing these stylish shades up at the hospital. And I'm sure this will surprise you, but it wasn't because she was trying to be a trend setter. No, they served a purpose.

Alexis has been seeing spots in her vision and has been struggling with seeing out or her peripheral vision. So, Dr. Glenn sent her to see a doctor at the Moran Eye Center. He examined her thoroughly and then told her that she probably had detached viscous. This is a common problem...in 60 year olds! However, he also thought this problem was fixable and something he could work with.

Then he said, just to be sure, he wanted to send Alexis for an MRI of her head. He wanted to be sure that there were not tumors in her brain. As you can imagine, hearing this as a worry for the doctor was a new monster of worry to Alexis & her family. Brain Cancer? Really? Didn't he know Alexis just finished her last chemotherapy treatment? Now everything anyone said was stipulated with, "but this could all change depending on what the MRI shows."

So last Friday Alexis had her MRI. And then the waiting game began. But this was a waiting game that was so familiar with all it's feelings of uncertainty, fear, and wondering that the question of "what if?" returned to hang above Alexis' head for days. It felt like February all over again. But somehow it was worse. Worse because you know how much there is to lose. Worse because you know how hard Alexis has fought. Worse because Alexis has taken two steps forward and no one wants to take any backwards. Worse because it felt like Alexis had just climbed the mountain, and now perhaps, there was another one waiting through the fog. This was definitely a familiar position, but in no way was it easier.

But today the call came. A call that said, "the brain looks great!" The relief that washed over every one and any one who heard the news was the kind of relief that can only come after having been through this experience called cancer. Somehow it was easier to breathe. Alexis shed some tears, and of course Michelle joined in too. A Blessing, A Miracle, A Joy found in the midst of war. The song ran through my head, "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone. All of the dark obstacles disappear. Here is the Rainbow I've been waiting for, it's gonna be a bright, bright, bright and sun shiny day." And despite the snow falling outside, today was a day full of sunshine. The kind of sunshine that warms you from the inside out. It was a joy that can come only with the relief of victory.

So onto the next thing! Basketball training, getting her energy back, a visit to the Moran Eye Center, and eventually a follow-up PET scan the first week of June to check on those shrinking tumors...none of which are in the brain.


Michelle said...

Happy Day!!!
now onward and upward to the next step!
I love love love you!!! You can do this, remember, "Kaufusi's never quit"

Love your highly excited, highly stressed and most highly grateful mother....The Gypsy

Anonymous said...

YAHOO!!!!! It's about time you catch a lucky break!!! Best news ever... Alexis you are a fighter like no other... I am constantly in awe of you and your family. Keep it up - hugs - Lizzy

amy said...

Whoa! We are feeling the relief with you! Keep up your hard work Alexis, we love you.

Anonymous said...

WOW, what a relief. Reading and following the blog, WOW, what a relief. HOORAY!!! Great News, more to come. We love you and are following you.
Ofa lahi atu, Vehikite family :)

PAUU said...

Had to shed a "happy tear" after reading this...thankyou for all of your example of great faith and strength.