Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh Canada!

Well for the past week I have been enjoying my time in Canada! Daryl had a soccer tournament in Lethbridge so myself, Steph, Corbin, and Devin tagged along for the fun. The Gypsy of course was there for our adult supervision. Poor Steve had to stay home and babysit Porsche and Josie so he missed out. Since Steph is from Calgary, we thought it would be fun to go visit her family. Calgary is 2 hours away from Lethbridge so we got a rental car and headed up North to Calgary. The best part of this was that her family had no idea! Well everyone know except Steph's parents Rick and Suz and her sister Caitlin. To surprise them we met up with them at the mall and surprised Suz. Her face was priceless!! She was so confused. It was fun to spend time with the Vermunt family. We had a big BBQ with all the family, we went to Aunt Karyn's farm and rode horses and played with the new born kittens, Grandma Barb took us to Banff, we visited Steph's nieces Georgia and Brooklyn, and we had some of the most amazing Chinese food ever! We were also able to watch Daryl play. Her team went 2-2 and she played amazing! She's such a great little keeper. We made new friends with Jackie and Jen and spent some fun days with the Timpview Girls Soccer Team. Overall it was such a fun trip but I'm glad to be back in America. I definitely missed the Mexican food and of course my kitty Porsche. Thank you Vermunt family for letting Corbin and I invade your home and country! We love you all so so much!
So tomorrow is the big day. Its my first check up since I've finished chemo and I am finally getting my port out! As much as they don't want to take it out, I need this Port out of my body. I'm just about normal. Even my hair is coming back. Its getting long enough I can kind of comb it but not quite. Its coming in mostly blonde and brown which is new. As much as I miss my bald head I promised the Gypsy I wouldn't shave it anymore. The next few weeks are going to be a fun few weeks! This week is surgery, lots of mexican food, softball games, scary movies, and Brad Paisley concert. Next week is basketball camps, Levi's wedding, Sadie and Tim's wedding, babysitting Makaela, Thea, and Ella, as well as the 4th of July. Maybe some swimming? Then finally is the long awaited California Cancer Trip! 10 days in Southern California to celebrate being done with cancer. Sea World and Disney Land will be included as well as lots of swimming in the ocean, shopping, and watching my kid Daryl play soccer. Have a great week everyone! I'll let you know how surgery goes.



Steph Vermunt said...

Can't believe it's already come and gone!! Had so much fun with you and Corb, Fus! Hopefully next time the whole fam can come to Calgary!

Anonymous said...

WOW, so much fun you have been havin. We are soo HAPPY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Enjoy and keep being happy. Gosh, I want to come. :)ofa lahi atu, Vehikite Family.