Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Most Accident Prone Person Ever... Well Me

Summer is here finally!! And well, so far I've been enjoying my time being in Complete Response. Its been filled with basketball camps, playing basketball, and having fun with my friends. But with all the fun and good times, something has to happen to put a slight damper on things. During an exciting game of pick up with my team, I drove in and well, my teammate Dani didn't move like I expected her to. As a result I jammed my thumb on her rock hard abs and it swelled up huge! The good news, the shot went in! The bad news, I have to wear this very stylish brace for the next little while. I just can't seem to catch a break these days! But besides the thumb incident life has been great!
After some scheduling difficulties and miscommunication, I am getting Paisley the Port out on June 27. I was supposed to get her out this past Monday but I guess I can wait 2 weeks longer right? I'm getting pretty good at this patience thing at this point in my life.
The Gypsy and Corbin returned from their cruise on Sunday. Its so nice to have her home! Steve was so busy with work and myself working basketball camps that we ended up eating out for every meal. As fun as that is I'm so glad Chelle is back to cook when I can't. She even came bearing gifts for all of us.
The long 2 weeks of basketball camps are about to come to an end on Saturday. I'm looking forward to a nice break from coaching and going to watch my sister Daryl play in her first Timpview Varsity High School soccer tournament. My goal is to only get kick out of one game for my cheering but I can't make any promises! Hope everyone's enjoying this Utah weather and I'll update next week.


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