Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend Update

This past weekend has definitely been a fun one! I love not having to worry anymore about what I'm doing and just being able to do things and have fun. Since my port surgery has been put off 2 weeks I'm trying to have as much fun as I can until I have to go down for a few days. So in the mean time I have invested my time in being a little immature but for the most part its been a blast in a glass! The fun times started with a night of adventures with Ashley and Whitney. The night included Whitney's softball game, hiding Kirk's scooter, playing at the park, hiding in a tube, and playing with window crayons. Next was another adventuresome night with Ashley and Whitney. I thought I would leave Kim and Steph a present, so I purchased them some fish and left the fish in various places around their cars and mail box. They really enjoyed them. Lastly was my cousin Peter's wedding. Pete married Brittny on Friday and the festivities ended late Saturday night. It was a fun Tongan wedding with lots of family, good food, dancing, and lots of smiles. I stayed in Salt Lake after the wedding had ended and hung out with my Aunt Holly and Brook as well as my cousins Julie, Gloria, Mala, Mary, Olivia, Isaiah, Jackson, Ellie, and Micah. We got ice cream, played at a park and made friends, visited WalMart, and had some fun times in the car. It was a fun weekend.

I won't lie I am exhausted trying to get back into normal life. My energy levels are still so low but I'm slowly starting to get them back. A nice relaxing vacation for a week I think will do the trick! A car ride with Michelle, Corbin, Daryl, and Devin is questionable but I know it will be such a fun trip! Can't wait for 6am tomorrow to get out of Provo and have one final foreign adventure before I'm back in bed for a week. Good bye America! And soon we will be saying good bye to Paisley the Port. Have a great week everyone!


I almost forgot! Happy Fathers Day to all those fathers out there especially mine Steve. Have a great Fathers Day and everyone make sure to do something nice for your fathers. I know I did! What Father wouldn't want a post of 2 white unicorns, a gift card to In-N-Out, and a Fathers Day card that is in Spanish? I know for a fact Steve wanted all 3 of those things! Happy Fathers day to Steve and all my Uncles, Cousins, and all those amazing men in my life who put up with me. Love you all!


maxfamclan said...

So you trained Corbin! hee hee. Love all the pictures, especially of your dad on Gma Garricks porch holding little, adorable you!

6 P's in a Pod said...

I am in love with the pink short-shorts Steve is wearing in the bottom picture. Leaves very little to the imagination.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the PICTURES, I always tell your dad not to wear your mom's shorts, umhuh :). Thank you for sharing. Ofa atu, Vehikite Family.