Sunday, February 26, 2012

Quick Life Update!

Well hello everyone! So much has happened in the past little while I thought it would be appropriate to give you all just a quick update on my life. As of right now I'm laying in my hotel room bed at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA. I can't seem to fall asleep so I thought I would use my time to blog to you all! So, here's a quick update on whats going on in my life...

Corbin got his mission call to Seoul Korea! Happy, yet sad to see this kid leave. We've really grown close over the past 2 years and its going to kill me to let him leave me. Especially to somewhere like Seoul Korea where dogs and cats are a part of the restaurant's menu. Beside the poor choice of food, I'm very excited for him! He goes into the MTC (missionary training center) on May 16. He's going to be a great missionary and will stand out immensely considering he is 6'9"

Bronson comes home July 24th! Sad to see one brother leave and the other return but I guess its all part of this thing called life and mormon culture. I know missions are good for them but I just hate sending my little boys away for 2 years!

Lady Antebellum Concert!! For all you that hate country music, shame on you! This Valentines day I went to the Lady Antebellum concert accompanied by Jess, Corbin, and our friend Mariah. It was such an AMAZING concert. I would advise all of you to listen to their music. They are great on my ipod and even better live.

Basketball... well everyone basketball season was great! We completed our last conference game tonight. We didn't get the win but it was a well fought battle. We lost to Gonzaga today and well to be honest they're a great team with some really great players. We fought hard and ended up taking second in our conference. This upcoming week starts the WCC Conference Tournament in Las Vegas! Wish us luck as we go to win the tournament with hopes of getting a bid into the NCAA tournament!

Steph got engaged! If you've been following my blog from day 1 you would recognize the name Steph. Steph is not only my teammate but one of my best friends who's been by my side through cancer and well, everything else the past 3 years. She recently got engaged to her lover boy Travis! They'll be getting married this June up in her motherland aka Canada. So guess who's going to canada once again??? ME! This time I hope my energy levels are a little better so I don't just sleep my days away. Congrats Steph and Trav!!
Random side notes in my life...
  1. I hate the snow! So naturally it snows the second we get to Spokane. All I know is it better be nice weather in Provo.
  2. New iPhone 4s next month! 
  3. Summer job... Maybe something that allows me to work early mornings or nights? I need my days available for basketball. If you have any ideas let me know. 
  4. I hate School! Good thing I graduate soon. 
  5. Nordstroms closed in Orem today :( Now I have to drive clear up to either Draper or Salt Lake to get my clothes. Sad day for me.
  6. I have this new odd obsession with this musical artist by the name of Ed Sheeran. I can't get enough of him. Seriously I know its bad when its pre game and instead of my usual pre game music I'm having a jam sesh to some Ed Sheeran over my normal 311.
  7. Pinterest... New distraction in life! Love it to death, but it really does take up quite a bit of my time lately... oh well.
  8. My Uncle Jason is now working at BYU! Bout time we get more Kaufusi boys down here.
  9. I miss being bald so much lately!! Ugh... 
Well enough of my random blabbing about my life. I almost forgot, quick health update... No cancer appointments for like, 2 months??? What am I gonna do with myself?? Oh and the new "acid reflux stomach diet thing" is hard, but its helping as long as I follow it, along with lots of pepto and stomach medicine. Only thing that is going to take medical care is the same tooth that hopefully is getting removed on Monday. Hope you all are having a lovely February. I will keep you all up to date on how next weekend goes at the Conference Tournament. GO COUGARS!

Love, Alexis


Steph Vermunt said...

Alesis! I loved your last blog. Precious!! Thanks for the shout out... love ya to death!!!! OSCAR NIGHT TONIGHT!!

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