Thursday, August 11, 2011

Alexis: 2 NH Lymphoma: 0

So... In my last post I said my scan wasn't supposed to be for a few weeks. Well there was a slight change of plans and my scan ended up being this week. There's been a few random little things that have happened such as: fainting, bloody noses (my nose has been cauterized), some weird lumps, headaches, chills, night sweats, sore throat, etc. Just some things that made the Gypsy and myself start to worry. We called my doctor on Monday and she wanted me up immediately for scans and tests. I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday up at the Huntsman Center. After Tuesday I learned my blood tests all came back normal, but there were some lumps. The new came Wednesday night. My nurse called and told me that even though the lumps have grown a little, the cancer is still INACTIVE! Yay! Such a relief! What does this mean? Well, this means I am good to begin school. I am good to keep trying to get into basketball shape, slowly but surely. And I don't have to go in till November 1 for my next check up. I feel so blessed right now and am so thankful for my good health. I'm so proud of my body for fighting! Can't wait to start school in 3 weeks and get back on schedule. In the mean time, I'm going to enjoy summer, keep working out, finish school, and hang out with my girls! I'll keep you all updated if anything new happens!



chuck said...

Alexis, congrats on being INACTIVE. Found your blog from Daily Universe article. You are very positive, which is sooo important. I am 62 and have 23grandchildren. What we have in common is; I also have one of the 32 kinds of NHL, Dr. Glenn and hopefully your assigned nurse is Debbi G, cause I think she is the greatest. Finished my 6 rounds (yeah the red stuff is nasty) 2 1/2 years ago. Was stage 4. Currently INACTIVE.
Speed up recovery by water, water, drink, drink even now. Also, one of the best tips I got from other veterans was a full body massage (1hr) once a week for 4 weeks. I knew it was worth it when after 30 minutes, the first time, I had to quit because of metal mouth, dizzy, nausea etc. That was 6 months after chemo. By the 4th wow, I felt like energy etc had multiplied. This stuff is stuck deep in the tissues so takes a lot to push it out.
Bless you for also being an inspiration to others. I will check in again so if you have any questions about things that help with lingering chemo symptoms let me know and we'll see what works for you. (No crazy stuff I promise)
Dr. Glenn knows everything I've used. Chuck

AbbySmiles :D said...

Alexis!! Yay!

I am so excited for you!I am so glad yours is inactive too! Mine seemed to be growing but is NOT now!! But I do have an infection so good ole antibiotics, but no cancer relapse worries yet. That is such great news for the pair of us! You will have to teach me some "baller"
tricks. I still can't do a lay-up. hahaha!
P.S. You should be receiving some soap in the mail. And I would love to get ya a head scarf but I need to know what kind of patters and material ya like :) I always went for silk or bald myself...everything else felt itchy. Let's talk again soon. I will be flying into Salt Lake late on the 23rd and will be in Provo at work on Wednesday.So maybe that weekend? Just let me know!